Health is Wealth

Perhaps the first pre-condition for a man to be happy is good health. A man may be very rich, he may occupy high social position, he may be a vastly learned man, but all these achievements will fail to make him happy if he has a poor health.
Once there was a very rich French businessman. But his health was very poor. He did not have any sleep at night. He often used to say, I am ready to pay any price for a wink of sleep. But I find that there is no sleep for sale”. The story emphasizes the fact that health is not merely wealth; it is something more than wealth. This story was narrated by Carlyle, the great British thinker, while addressing some students. Carlye himself is an example of fact that vast learning cannot compensate for one’s loss of health. He was a very learned man, but was very sickly. His sick health always caused him unhappiness. Good health is a thing that is to be acquired. It depends on three factors- nourishing food, a reasonable degree of abstinence, and regular physical exercise. In a developing country like ours, most people do not get nourishing food and, what is more, many people do not even have enough food. That is why the standard of health in our country leaves much to be desired. However, nourishing foods are not always costly foods. Even our common foods like ‘dal’, vegetables etc. do not have food value, if they are not spoiled by too much of spices. The second factor usually applies only to those who can indulge in excess of food, sleep and pleasure. Regulated food, regulated rest, and regulated entertainments are the basic rules of health. Excessive physical labour is also bad for health. The third factor that is, taking exercise regularly is essential for gaining and keeping up good health. This does not, of-course, meant that we all should become body-builders, by devoting most of our time to strengthening our muscles. We should take as much exercise everyday as is necessary for keeping away diseases and keeping us fit. A little of free-hand exercise in the morning, walking, running, swimming, playing out-door fames- any of these can keep a man healthy.
It is an old saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Abnormalities of thinking are usually associated with ill-health. A man who enjoys good health is usually a man with a healthy outlook on life. Indeed, the importance of good healthy cannot be over emphasized.

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