Award Winning artist Alobo Naga!

Alobo Naga ~ Rapid Fire Round

Fav. Color – Black and Nude

Fav. Destination- Greece & Malta

Fav. Food- Naga Thali

Fav. Indian Artist- Nikhil D’Souza and Kailash Kher

Fav. International artist– Ed Sheeran and Eminem

Fav. Indian Actors– Aamir Khan, Rajkummar Rao and Jacqueline Fernandez

Fav. International Actors– Tom Hanks, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

Last movie that you’ve watch- Stree and The Meg

5 things you carry in bag- iphone, power bank, Jio dongle, macbook, ipad, anti-food poisoning medicine.

Fav. Outfit brands- H&M, Zara, Forever 21 and Naga Designers

Last song that made emotional- BTS The Truth untold

Last person you stalk in Instagram- Muna Gauchan (A Nepalese Model) and Machine Gun Kelly

Highest Earning- Winning thousand hearts in one night

Currently dating- Still hunting for one.

Where would take your date- Drive somewhere good road

Any skin care- Suncreen and Lotion

X factor you’ve got than the rest of Naga artist-  I have God and I really work hard.

The only Naga celebrity with a verified Instagram account-  Humbled and happy that people recognized your talent

Any advice to the young teenage Alobo Naga-  don’t very over-smart

Are you an emotional person-  well I do but I never share and show.

What makes you happy-  Enjoying good food and beaches ( being along in the beaches as I like to hear the weaves and quiet time for myself).


Almost five years after he won the Best Indian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2012 – the award that put him on the map in the first place. At Artist Aloud Music Awards, which encourages independent musicians, he bagged three awards (Best Song, Best English Song, and Best Artiste from Northeast India), among others which acknowledged the likes of Kailash Kher, Shankar Mahadevan, Hard Kaur and Euphoria.

You’ve been on tour and traveling constantly so how do you keep yourself fit and healthy?
Eating the right food and getting proper sleep, that includes (power naps) during short break and I do light cardio workout sessions too.

You are an icon for the youths of Northeast and specially Nagaland how does it feel to be one?
I am humbled and really grateful to God for making me grow and be where I am today!

When did you start singing and making music as a career?
I started singing at an early age of 5, but professionally I started in 2010.

You’ve won many awards and recognition and yet, very focus what’s the driving force within you?
I always compete with myself since the beginning of my career. After every new releases, recognitions and awards I’m like what’s next on board? It’s the hunger that keeps me going! I never let the success or fame stay in my head for more than a week and not forgetting the amount of love & support from my fans it really motivates me to work harder and be focused.

How many albums and songs you’ve made so far?
I have two solo albums, 1 with my band ANTB, and so many collaboration albums; I don’t know the count…

Do you compose your own songs or you have a songwriter?
Yes I usually write my own songs most of the time, but I have also few songs written by my friends, or co-written with them. I am open to other’s writing too, so any good songwriter can contribute or collaborate with me.

Besides performing and traveling you are a social media savvy and also gadgets pro so how do you balance?
It comes naturally, I am an addict I guess :P. It’s all about time management and knowing your priority as well.

You have also started a festival in Nagaland, kindly tell us about it?
Thuwu-Ni a dream project of mine was started in 2014 with an initiative and support from our local MLA Sir Vikheho Swu.
After 3 successful editions, my organization Musik-A event is taking over from this year’s edition. We are making this season’s edition into Xtreme outdoor festival, celebrating indigenous lifestyle. In the festival the activities includes Thuwuni Music Festival (TMF), where International, National and Local artiste will share the same stage in the middle of the jungle jamming for 3 nights.
The Last Man Standing – Akikiti, a sumi Naga Kick fight championship where fighters from villages will come to compete for the annual championship, besides Akikiti we also have many more indigenous games and sports like Bamboo stilt race, greased pole climbing, wooden cart race, spear kick etc. We have adventurous sports and activities like Jhum Trekking, Camping in the mountain, water sports, nature walk, zip lining, paint ball and many activities so do come and be a part of the festival from 15th to 17th November 2018 at Pughoboto Nagaland.

Any upcoming albums?
Currently my band ANTB is working on our new album, and I do have some few solo projects on the pipe line too.

Tell us about your music institute and what are the programs you are providing at the moment?
I started MUSIK-A school in 2015, we have various programs for voice, guitar, piano, drums, violin, Live sound Management, Recording Arts etc. We are currently affiliated with London College of Music (LCM) & Rock school.Uk

What is the key in becoming a successful artist?
Put GOD first in everything, secondly there are no short cuts to success so we need to be dedicated, perseverance and hard working, third be smart and study the market.

When did you form “Alobo Naga and The Band”, How many cities and countries your band have toured?
ANTB was formed in 2010, we are so blessed & privileged to tour few countries and cities across the globe. Personally I have done more than 500 shows across the continent.

Also you cook so well what is your favorite dish?
I love cooking Naga and Indian dish. I love pork with Axone (fermented soya bean) & Kuchu (Yam)

Who is your favorite artist that you look up?
There are so many but Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Adele and Eminem take the top place.

How open is the Northeast market for musicians?
With internet and technology now, we can do music anywhere in the world and be heard, provided we are talented and smart.

Any particular comments that makes you crazy and feels good about it from?
Not a comment but when I see people crying listening to me or when I hear them singing my song (The best feeling in the world)

You have a lot of fans all over the world what is your message for them?
Thank you so much and please continue to support me, I have a long way to go! You guys are the reason why I work hard always..

Alobo once again thank you for your time any wishes for our The northeast window magazine readers
Thank you so much for having me once again, I am so honored. My message to the readers is that “Be humble, stay positive and happy always, Life is short, make it worth living”. LIVE OUT LOUD!

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