Mongsenyimti Celebrates Tsungremmong Festival

Mongsenyimti, the first village of Langpangkong Range the drives down national highway 61 from Mokokchung, Nagaland celebrated its Tsungremmong festival on 2nd August. This festival is one of the most important festivals of the Ao Naga community. Mongsenyimti is one of the few villages in the range where this festival is popularly celebrated.

Situated at an altitude of 1322 metres above sea level, Mongsenyimti is a land of numerous legends and folklores. According to the book “History of our Baptist Mission in Assam and Japan, Philadelphia, A.B Publication 1889”, ‘Nagaland’ was first coined in place of ‘Naga Hills’ by Mrs Titterington, an American Baptist Missionary on 30th December 1888, when the British hoisted their flag in Mongsenyimti village as its first administrative outpost in Ao Naga country (Mokokchung district) and later shifted to Mokokchung and set up its Sub-Division.
According to history, the British administration was by the Govt. of India letter no: 2463-E dated 24th December 1888 where administrative officers consisting of Alexander Porteous, DC Kohima, Mr Musprat, SDO Civil Wokha, Lieutenant D.F Mclntyre with 130 soldiers, Lieutenant R.H. Maxwell from Lakhimpur Military Police with 70 soldiers and Mr A.W. Davis, Assistant Commissioner Sibsagar were present at the historic event. Besides Dr. E.W. Clark the pioneer missionary of the Ao tribe from Molung also attended. Also the first meeting of the Ao villages where the decision to pay 50 paisa (adholi), as house tax to the new British administration was held at Mongsenyimti. The village is well known for artistic talents especially in the fields of fine arts, music and dramatic and receives numerous visitors all round the year because of its beautiful locales and numerous parks and monuments.
With inputs from festival organizing committee                           Photo Credit:- Onenjungshi




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