Shri Pranjit Deka, ED (HR&A) giving away Solar Lighting and Clean Cooking equipments

Oil India Ltd Launches Solar Solution Happy Home Programme under CSR project Oil Urja

Avik Chakraborty

The inaugural function of OIL Urja Solar Solution Happy Home Programme, a CSR Project of Oil India Limited, Duliajan which is being implemented by Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) was held on July 4, 2018 at Mirigaon village of Dibrugarh district. The programme was graced by  Binod Hazarika, MLA, Chabua constituency, MrinalKantiDhar, DFO Tinsukia Division,  Pranjit Deka, Executive Director (HR&A), OIL, Dr.Abhijit Sharma, Director, IIE and attended by senior officials from OIL & IIE and general public of Mirigaon village.

 Binod Hazarika in his speech appreciated OIL’s initiative towards providing Solar Solutions to the remote un-electrified village of Mirigaon. While stating the objective of the project i.e. to electrify the remote un-electrified villages of Upper Assam, Pranjit Deka in his address also informed that Solar Happy Home Package will be provided to a total of 520 households in 3 nos. of villages namely Mirigaon, GerekiGaon & Gereki Nepali Gaon under Dibrugarh District and Anti-Poaching Camps in Forest areas of DibruSaikhowa National Park, Tinsukia District. Shri Deka also apprised about various CSR initiatives of OIL undertaken in areas of Education, Health, Skill Building, Sportsetc in its operational areas.

While thanking Oil India Limited for implementing the project in their village, the beneficiaries talked about the positive changes that the Solar Lighting System, Solar Lamp, LED Lights & Cook stoves are going to bring in their daily life.

Under Project OILUrja, OIL has launched a programme focusing on Solar Lighting Solution & Clean Cooking in alignment with the MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. Of India) under Happy Home Package.

The project currently is being implemented by Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati in 3 nos. of villages namely Mirigaon, GerekiGaon&Gereki Nepali Gaonunder Dibrugarh District targeting a total of 452 nos. of households at a total cost of Rs. 1,99,37,416.00 (Rupees One Crore Ninety-Nine Lakh Thirty-Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Sixteen only).

Besides this, 68 nos. of Solar units will also be provided in 23 nos. of Anti-Poaching Camps in Forest areas of DibruSaikhowa National Park, Tinsukia District at a total cost of Rs. 32,34,744.00 (Rupees Thirty-Two Lakh Thirty-Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-Four only)

Solar Lighting and Clean Cooking equipments
Solar Lighting and Clean Cooking equipments

Solar home systems which is an affordable solution for multi-energy is a need of rural households. These systems can power multiple LED lights, mobile recharging, and other small home appliances through a Battery of 12 v, 60 AH that can be recharged using solar photovoltaic panels of 75 Wp each. 2 LED Bulb of 5W each is also included.

Solar energy lanterns: Light-emitting diode (LED) based portable lamps, which are powered by rechargeable (by small solar panel) battery are ideal multipurpose solutions for rural households. These lights can be used for in house lighting as well as portable outdoor lights. These lights also recharge mobile phones and improved biomass cook stoves.

The main objective of the project is to reduce indoor air pollution due to burning of fire wood, reduce use of kerosene or firewood for lighting & cooking,provide adequate lighting facility to enable evening study for school & college going children,enable the weavers’ community to continue work in the evening.

During the initial survey, it was found that the village was completely un-electrified and there were approximately 286 households with a total population of approximately 1,144 nos.

A total of 286 nos. of households in Mirigaon are installed with Solar units wherein each unit includes a solar photovoltaic panels of 75 Wp, Battery of 12 v, 60 AH, 2 nos. of LED Bulb of 5W each, Solar Energy lantern and a Biomass Cook stove.

During the installation process an awareness programme was also organised to explain the benefits and other details of the project to the opinion makers of the society like village headman, teacher, and headmaster etc. Subsequently, meetings were held with the villagers involving every member of households.

Under the project, four local enterprising persons per village will be selected and trained on maintenance and service of solar home lighting systems and other. Their skill building will be a part of their involvement during the installation phase. These trainees will be skill trained to attend to minor and instant repair, maintenance and small issues on site.  Gradually after a year, the trainees will be helped to set up a service centre to cater to the needs of maintenance and service of all the proposed solar solutions provided under the package. For providing this service to the beneficiaries a minimal amount of money as service charge will be charged.


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