Creating right platforms for the youth

Youth are filled with tremendous energy and high ambitions. They can either construct or destruct. The involvement of youth in development is an essential. Through proper mentoring and channelizing of their energy and inherent talents, youth can bring about huge change in the society. Youths should be allowed to participate at all level of policy and decision-making for a prosperous and healthy democracy, as also save the future of our establishments. They have many excellent ideas aimed at completing a task. Youths are the pillars of social, economic and political developments.

Young people are often left without an opportunity or a platform to voice their concerns, to help make positive changes, or to enhance their skills and become active citizens. The reality is that many young people today confronted with a myriad of challenges, such as abject poverty and unemployment, drug abuse, alcoholism, reckless sex among others. This is a great setback in our society’s attempt towards progress and development. So the question is how to harness the energy and stimulate innovativeness in young people and to provide the right kinds of support. Young people need to be given tools and incentives to become strong supporters of open and responsible governance. The church, civil society, parents and other agents of socialisation have the responsibility to inculcate in the youth ethical values of integrity, loyalty, honesty and accountability. Involving, informing and educating young people about benefits of integrity, transparency and good governance can make a significant difference in the shaping of future societies and the balance of power within them.

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