Annual Designers Gala

Punasenla Yaden

I had an occasion to attend a fashion show organized by the Incessant Welfare Society Nagaland (IWSN) in celebration of its 10th year of success. This was held in the Hotel Acacia, Dimapur on 23rd June 2018 on a Saturday so that more people could attend. The theme of the event was Annual Designers Gala with a promotion and showcase of collections by the 2017 Designers batch at the commemoration of the society.  Admission was by special invitation, and as a media person, it was quite flattering to receive an invitation. There were several special guests at the show.

The IWSN society is purely a charitable society based in Dimapur, Nagaland and is a non-profit making society working for the welfare and upliftment of the people. It imparts skill training program and courses on Cutting & Tailoring, Fashion Design and Computer Education. IWSN looks for upliftment of the society such as women empowerment, child education, social problems, economic upliftment, self reliance, and so on irrespective of class, creed or religion.


Since its inception, the Society is relentlessly working for the welfare of the women, girls, school drop outs, adolescent girls in the state, imparting   skills training on various trades which are sustainable and job oriented training. The Institution’s academic centre and programs focus on education and training in specific discipline and areas of study. The faculties work with students to develop their skills, both in general and in the context of specific course or assignments. A range of academic skills workshops are offered throughout the year for students to learn from one another, from the latest pedagogical innovations, through discussions, lectures, and practical training with the subject. The main objective of the training is to educate and provide more knowledge imparting skills and job oriented training in various trades. Another highlight of the course is to offer job placement to the trainees and to help them build up their career. More than 200 students have got placement in and around Nagaland and different states of India.

I have been to fashion shows before but never been to one like this as it was a charity event promoting the under-privilege children, adolescent girls, school-drop students in order to give them the right skills so that they become self-reliant and achieve something in their life. The president and administrator Azungla Imsong highlighted about the achievements, its feature and also the struggles they had faced throughout these 10 years.  Supermodel Opang Jamir spoke on the keyword of “Sustainable Fashion, Fashion Forward and Holistic Approach as young fashion design student” by citing examples of many flourishing entrepreneurs as on how they started their journey and where they positioned now. He also spoke on fashion related to environment and advised the students to take up on slow fashion (organic handloom and handicraft) that are inherent to us from our early ancestors.

The hall was very tastefully decorated soft music was played to enliven the show. The fashion students of 2017 designer’s batch showcased the vibrant colors and styles in four rounds which had the traditional fusion, summer-wear, casual wear and evening gown.  It was surprising to see how talented the students are, creating and sewing their original designs from scratch. The theme “Annual Designers Gala” was beautifully carried out in all of the clothes that were showcased. There was female empowerment all throughout the show with lots of cheering and encouragement as the models paraded down the runway. Overall, the show went smoothly and was incredibly entertaining. The members of the audience were supportive throughout the entire show, and nearly every model was cheered on as they displayed a student designer’s ensemble. It was so refreshing to see how creative some of the students here at IWSN can be. Everything was so glamorous with delightful show and the audience had an enjoyable evening. All around, the show was vibrant, artistic, and was a cool event.



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