Futsal Tournament: Together As One


Youth population is the life wire of any society and the force behind developed society. The energy, the liveliness, the swiftness of thought and indeed, the physical manpower are the characteristics that make the youthful age more interesting than any stage of human existence. Youth are the foundation of any society




Therefore, if the skill of this lively population is positively harnessed, a society can be said to be on the path to progress because there is a definite link between the prosperity of a society and its youth development systems. Without any doubt, the youth repre­sents the most vibrant and adventur­ous group in any society.

Education simply, is not enough. Skill development in any field is desirable along with it in our youth. We all know that sports provide beneficial recreation, improve discipline and productivity, foster social and cultural harmony, enhance the sense of achievement and patriotism. Thus in support of strengthening our society’s unity and integrity, sports can play a key role.

There is no shortage of sporting talents in our society, but it is sadly short of infrastructure. The region is suffering due to lack of infrastructure. Despite lagging behind in having the right infrastructure, the youth are heavily inclined towards sporting activities like football, cricket, boxing, volleyball, basketball, tennis, athletics, futsal etc.

As a consequence, with the purpose of promoting unity amongst the youth, Merangkong Students’ Union Dimapur, Nagaland, organised three days Open Futsal Tournament from 24th to 26th May 2018 with the theme “Together as One”. Futsal is one of the most popular soccer variations in the world of soccer. It provides healthy sports cum recreational facility to youth and helps them to channelize their energies in a constructive and positive manner so essential for developing an enlightened and progressive society.




There were 36 participating teams from different places of Nagaland and was based on knockout rounds. Futsal is typically played in an indoor format or outdoors on a flat hard surface with proper flooring. However despite lack of infrastructure, the players tolerated all the hardships of dusty court and scorching heat in the open and exhibited their team spirit. The tournament was a hard competition by so many excellent teams.

The final was played between Five Star A and Legend Lads FC. It was very exciting as both teams displayed a very good game and at the end Five Star A retained the Open Futsal Tournament title by 2-0. The semi finalists’ teams were United FC Medziphema and Amateurs FC. Beat Keeper and highest scorer was awarded to Along and Imlisunep of Five Star A respectively. Best disciplined team was awarded to Five Star B




The tournament was a lot of fun, and the competition was excellent.  The game of Futsal is getting popular in the state and there is huge potential in our youth which is evident from the way they exhibited their talents. More of such events should be organised that would sensitise the youth in tolerance and integrity.

Futsal Gallery

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The view here is that a single image is enough to illustrate the idea of lack of infrastructure








Photo credit: Imtisenla Lusang


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