Beekeeping: A Viable Economic Enterprise

Beekeeping, also called apiculture is the art and science of raising honey bee. Bee’s honey is one of the most valued and appreciated natural food substances known to mankind since ancient times. Seeing that honey bees are the most famous of all insects owing to their impact for the pollination of crops, their social organization, and the honey they produce, beekeeping is a viable economic activity. It will contribute significantly to increasing and diversifying the income of many rural households. It will also provide a means of supplementary business and self-employment opportunities. The importance of beekeeping to the society is enormous because it leads to the production of valuable materials such as honey, beeswax, propolis, bee pollen, bee venom and royal jelly.
Honeybees have a lot to offer in terms of agricultural produce and ecosystem services. Agricultural growth and crop productivity largely depend on bee pollination services that have ecological and agricultural values. Honeybees are critically important for the environment and to the economy. Just as much as bees have a role in ensuring the survival of humanity, we also have roles in ensuring their survival. This way, we can ensure that the symbiotic relationship we have with bees will endure for many more generations. Nowadays, beekeeping is a rapidly growing sector, due to the increasing interest for beehive nutraceutical products, with special reference to honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly.
In places where crop growing is difficult or impossible or where rural livelihood options are limited, beekeeping is an alternative means of generating income to improve the quality of life of rural communities. Beekeeping in Northeast, though not widely practised is an economic enterprise that can improve the living conditions and livelihood.
Northeast has a rich cultural and ethnic heritage that can easily make it a tourist spot. Bestowed with rich heritage of chronicle, folklores and historical places Zhaimais are well known for their sense of humour, simple living and innocence. An expedition into this pristine location will be a treat which one will cherish for a lifetime.
Sporting activities, in which the country has potential strength and competitive advantage, need to be judiciously promoted. For strengthening India`s unity and integrity, sports can play a key role. Sports should be the focus above all conflicts. However, the talents in the region could so far not be adequately exploited due to a myriad of reasons.

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