Beauty with a cause: Ruopfuzhano Whiso, Miss Nagaland India 2018

Moamen Jamir

Eighteen year old, a student of Little Flower Higher Secondary school, Kohima, Nagaland, Miss Ruopfuzhano Whiso was crowned as the FBB colors Femina Miss India Nagaland 2018 at FBB Femina Miss India North East 2018 coronation gala in Guwahati on 11th of March. She is a model and is also Miss Kohima 2017 who went to represent Kohima in the Miss NagalandPageant2017 and secured 1st runner up position and also won the “Miss Empower” subtitle at the same pageant. Whiso is a beautiful soul and beauty with a cause. She has walked for some few designers in Nagaland and she likes listening to music and singing along to Hindi songs while going for long or even short journeys. She is all set to represent her beautiful state Nagaland in the upcoming  55thFBB Colors Femina Miss India 2018 after succeeding the then Miss India Nagaland  2017 Kaheli Chophy and hoping to succeed the reigning Miss world 2017 Manushi Chhillar as the next Miss world India.

A tete-a-tete with the reigning Miss India Nagaland…

Firstly, a hearty congratulations on making Nagaland proud and you making it to the finals of FBB colors Femina Miss India 2018 to represent our state Nagaland. Well to start with…



  1. Share us your story before you were introduced to beauty pageants?

Before I was into Beauty Pageants, I was a normal typical girl who loved to read books and keep to myself. I never really liked to go for social gatherings but all that has changed now.

2. What are the Sacrifices you are making for this upcoming mega pageant that you’re going to participate?

 I am sacrificing a lot of quality time with my Mum and my nephew. Mynephew’s birthday was in the month of April     and wasn’t able to attend his birthday party.

3. Your mantra for life and who inspires you the most and why?

Never Give Up, Because When You Do, You Never Truly Get Up Again. My mother is my role model, she has such strength of mind and character that motivates me to follow her examples and never give up on my dreams.

4. Fitness being so important, what is your everyday fitness secret as well as your beauty secret?

I do a couple of squats and go for a run sometimes, it makes me feel refreshed. My beauty secret would be, taking good care of my skin.

I believe that if u take good care of your skin and follow a strict skincare routine then u don’t really need makeup and still manage to look beautiful.

5. If there is one thing that you would like to change in our state and our nation as a whole, what would that be and why?

If there is one thing I could change, it would be the division between the people and the barriers we set up in our society. It happens everywhere, may it be in the state, or our nation. Without Unity, there will never be true development,and that is what I wish to change.


6. What according to you is the best thing about being a woman today and one thing that sets women apart from men?

One of the best things about being a woman in today’s society is that, women are given more opportunities than we were given in the past. We are given a platform to express ourselves and that makes it to so much better as compared to the past. A woman has her own unique blend of things as compared to males. A woman has a mother’s touch in everything she nurtures and she has a unique view to offer to the world that men may never understand.

7. What is the relevance of a beauty pageant in our society today and can you tell us in what ways beauty contests helps women?

Well, beauty pageants are not just about Beauty now in today’s society. It is much more than that. It is a platform for the young talented men and women to express their views and using their beauty inspire and bring a change to the world.

8. A quote that helps you in regaining your confidence in your life?

There is a quote that says that God’s plan for us is not always what we expect and it’s always the best that he chooses for us. This quote has given me strength when i was weak because the thought that my God up there has better things for me made me energizedand made me look forward to tomorrow.

9. Any message that you would like to deliver or a note to the people of Nagaland and to the entire northeast?

I’d just like to tell my brothers and Sisters from Northeast that life is too short to be spent doing something safe and boring .It is better to live an exciting and purposeful life that benefits the people around you. Because living life just to live is no way to live.


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