Indian Tea Exports Touch Record High in 2017 

Indian tea exports touched a record high in 36 years at 240.68 million kgs in the year 2017. The previous high of 241.3 million kgs was achieved in the year 1981.

 Indian teas were exported at an average price of more than three dollar per kg ,in 2017, to 12 countries :

Country 2017*
Qty           (M.Kgs) Value      (M US$) Unit Price ($/Kg)
Japan 3.33 20.57 6.18
Ireland 2.50 14.91 5.96
Australia 2.89 16.05 5.55
Canada 2.44 10.46 4.29
Singapore 0.45 1.90 4.22
U.S.A 14.09 58.44 4.15
Iran 28.05 108.64 3.87
Saudi Arabia 4.20 15.52 3.69
Germany 9.95 34.81 3.50
Netherlands 3.90 12.99 3.33
U.A.E 18.93 58.62 3.10
United Kingdom 15.99 48.39 3.03


This was informed by the Minister of State of Commerce and Industry, Shri C.R.Chaudhary, in the Rajya Sabha today.

It has been a continuous endeavour of Tea Board and the tea industry to strategize ways and means to increase export and enhance the share of Indian tea in the international market. Focused and sustained initiatives like arranging buyer-seller meets, effecting exchange of delegations, participating in international trade fairs and undertaking generic promotion of Indian brands in key markets are showing results.

 The domestic market of tea has also been growing over the years and has been seen to directly affect the exportable surplus of tea in the country.    PIB Features


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