BJP-IPFT alliance script h​istory in Tripura

Avik Chakraborty

The BJP with the help of their alliance partner Indegenous People’s Front of Tripura(IPFT) scripted history by dismantling the fortress of CPI(M) led Left Front which ruled in the state for the last 25 years.  With Bengalis being in majority in the state, the left traditionally had a strong grip over backward class Bengali voters in reserved seats like Bamutia. But this time the people switched loyalty in sync with BJP’s call for ‘Chalo Paltai’.  BJP captured 35 seats in the 60 member assembly while the IPFT emerged victorious in eight seats.

The Saffron party, which contested in 51 seats, has secured over 43 per cent of the votes. The CPI(M)-led Left Front, which had got 50 of the 60 seats in the 2013 Assembly election, managed to secure nearly 42.6 per cent this time.

 Unemployment is a major issue in the state that has nearly seven lakh jobless youth. The unemployed youth of Tripura were frustrated under the left rule which had failed to create jobs for them and they voted the BJP to power which has committed to work for the development of the state.

 Tripura has gained nothing in the 25 years rule of the Communist and they did nothing for the development of the state and drove the state into backwardness.

 The tribal population which has around 35 per cent votes in Tripura were living in a pathetic condition and the left had been in the power in the state for the last several years, yet basic faclities have eluded tribal families. Many tribal families are still poor and cannot sent their children to school have decided to vote for BJP.

 Before the election, BJP had already declared that they would form  government in Tripura. The BJP cadres campaigned relentlessly in the state before election by organising booth level meeting to connect with the grassroot people. The top brass of BJP campaigned in the Tripura before election and held rallies across the state which had given them the opportunity to criticized the left government. The people of Tripura have been decrying for development and the BJP government under the leadership of Prime minister Narendra Modi has shown them the path of development which has switched them to vote for the Safron party.

 Three years ago the Saffron party had already laid the foundation through RSS Prahbari Sunil Deodhar in Tripura. Deodhar was made BJP state in charge by BJP President Amit Shah in November 2014 to root out the left from their fortress. After taking the charge he started his work by organising small meeting in the village level. He quickly mastered in Kokborok, which is a tribal dialect of Tripura apart from Bengali, which helped them immensely to garner votes during election.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned in Tripura and held two election rallies, which had got good response. More then one lakh peoples gathered in the rallies.

The left government miserably failed to create new jobs for the people. The capital city of Agartala became the third internet gateway of the country three years ago, yet the government failed to create any IT jobs.

 The left government in Tripura failed to curb the corruption which has been rampant in the panchyat and block levels. They failed to tighten the noose around corrupt government officials and local CPM leaders. This had created a bad image for the Left Front in the state after having the minister with impeaccable credentials -Manik Sarkar.

 After the defeat of Left government in Tripura, the Left in India has come down to one, with Kerala as it’s last bastion. Bengal was lost a few years ago, and now the Tripura verdict has weakened the party considerably.

 Anti-incumbency worked against the Left government and helped the BJP-IPFT to overthrow the CPM. Actually, the Left government in Tripura failed to understand the issues which had plauged the state from decades.

 It seems that the young voter of Tripura wanted ‘Parivartan’ but the Left government ignored the aspirations of the voters and the BJP took advantage out of it. The Saffron entered in their castle and promised them to work for the development of the state. Earlier, the people have no option and they voted the CPM to power because they have witnessed the Congress rule in their state which failed miserably.


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