Ruin of 8th Century Ancient Temple Discovered in Dibrugarh

Avik Chakraborty

The ruin of an ancient temple believed to be from the 8th century was discovered by the archaeological department during excavation at Jokai, 15-km on the outskirts of Dibrugarh town on February 6, 2018.

Chabina Hassan, exploration officer, Directorate of Archeology, Guwahati informed that Lahoal MLA Rituparna Barua went to their office and asked them to conduct research in the area. “Because the area was earlier spotted as Archaeological site we have applied for licensing to do excavation in that area and on January 1, we have started excavation. We have found the one side of the temple and another side was washed away in the Dehing river. We believed that it was one of the ancient temple of the easternmost part of Assam.”

The excavation team managed to retrieve three stone sculptures from the site. Several silver coins, silver jewellery, clay plates, pottery items, utensils and a wall of stone and bricks has been found during the excavation.

Nabajit Deori,technical head of Directorate of Archaeology, Guwahati  said, “We have got report that ancient ruins of temples were spotted in the place and we have decided to start digging in the particular area. The excavation process is still going on a plot of land spread over 1 bigha. So far we have found several ancient relics from the site. It is a very ancient temple. We have dug out three stone idols which we believe to be from the 7th century. The Salastambha dynasty was in power in ancient Kamrupa (modern day Assam) during that period. The relics bear impressions of both Salastambha as well as the Ahom era. We will have to conduct carbon dating to know the exact period. We have also found some British-era coins. We are expecting more discoveries in the area.” He said it would be a great achievement for the people of Assam.


“Before Ahom dynasty many kingdom ruled in Assam and already many of the ruins related to the kingdom were discovered from many places of Assam. This Discovery will open new things to know about the kingdom. We are very much hopeful that we will find more ruins from the site.” Deori added.

Chandana Goswami, professor of History at DHSK college said, “It’s a proud moment for the people of Dibrugarh because we will connect the past through this ruins. Many dynasties ruled over Assam before Ahom period. We should preserve such site.”


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