Documentary Launched on Illicit Liquor in Dibrugarh

Avik Chakraborty

A documentary on campaign against illicit liquor brewing and consumption was launched at District library by Dibrugarh district administration in association with UNICEF on February 15, 2018.

For past several months Dibrugarh district administration has organised several workshop to rehabilitate the illicit liquor brewers of the district to make Dibrugarh illicit liquor free.

After the launching of the video documentary, former president of Assam Sahitya Sabha, Dr Nagen Saikia, in his speech said illicit liquor has an adverse affect in the society and the consumption of illicit liquor leads to several disease. “I appreciate the works of Dibrugarh district administration regarding campaign against illicit liquor. The illicit liquor brewing and consumption is very high in the area and district administration alone cannot eliminate it from the society without people’s participation,” Dr Saikia added.

Earlier, several training programmes were organised by the Dibrugarh district administration in collaboration with the excise department and united rural self employment training institute for alternative means of livelihood for the illicit liquor brewers.

Speaking at the programme, Dibrugarh Deputy Commissioner Laya Madduri said the illicit liquor business has an adverse affect in the society and especially the women and the children are the worst sufferers.  “We have been organising awarness and training  programme in several areas of the district to free Dibrugarh from illicit liquor brewing and consumption. We have made a documentary in association with UNICEF which shows the adverse affects of alcoholism in the society. Through this video documentary we tried to highlight how a society is affected through illicit liquor,” she added.

The video documentary also shows how people after giving up illicit liquor business has engaged in other works and earning his/ her livelihood.

The aim of the programme is to rehabilitate the illicit liquor brewers of the district and towards making Dibrugarh district illicit liquor free.

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