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My one purpose in life is to help people  find a personal relationship with God , which I believe comes from knowing God – Billy Graham

William Franklin Graham Jr., better known to the world as Billy Graham, is to be laid to rest on Friday, March 2, in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, but message of God’s Love carries on. The Reverend Billy Graham has preached God’s Word with conviction and passion for over 60 years.

Billy Graham is widely considered one of the 20th century’s greatest evangelists. He preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to some 215 million people through his crusades and simulcasts around the world. From his famous crusades to radio and TV broadcasts, his words reached millions of people. Because he spoke truth in a way that anyone can understand, he has been well respected in both religious and secular circles. He insisted on racial integration for his revivals and crusades. Because of his crusades, Graham preached the gospel to more people in person than anyone in the history of Christianity. The Time Magazine dubbed him “The Pope of Protestant America.”

The demise of Billy Graham was mourned very deeply in Nagaland not just because of his popularity wordwide, but because of a special bonding that got developed during his visit to the State in 1972. Justifying his visit he then stated “For one thing, I find that here in Nagaland is the largest concentration of Baptist outside of the United States anywhere in the world.”

Graham was a spiritual adviser to U.S. presidents and provided spiritual counsel for every president from the 33rd, Harry S. Truman, to the 44th, Barack Obama. Graham as bridge builder deliberately reached into the secular world. He played multiple roles that reinforced each other. His evangelism was appreciated by mainline Protestant denominations as he encouraged new converts to become members of these Churches. Thus, Graham helped bind together a vulnerable nation through religious revival. By glazing over the finer details of Christianity and focusing on more moderate doctrines, Graham made evangelism enticing, non-threatening, even easy—and the media made his messages accessible to the masses. For almost every year since the 1950s, he has been a fixture on lists of the ten most admired people in America or the world.

Graham passed away at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, on February 21, 2018, at the age of 99. Although his health had been in decline in recent years, he reportedly died of natural causes.

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