Mizoram: A Key to India’s Act East Policy

On his maiden two-day visit after assuming office to Mizoram on 29th to 30th December 2017,  the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind said “Mizoram is a key to India’s Act East Policy. The state will link our northeastern states to our neighbours in Southeast Asia as well as to other parts of India. That is why the government of India is focusing on infrastructure and connectivity projects in the region,”


“This will give Mizoram’s agricultural produce and traditional products access to new markets. It will also strengthen IT and Internet connectivity, a process that will have a multiplier effect across a range of industries. Once we create this infrastructure, we can simply leave it to the entrepreneurship, the energy and the genius of the young people of this state to capitalise on it. With their high literacy levels and English-language skills, a golden opportunity lies before the youth of Mizoram.” he added.

He acclaimed the people of Mizoram by saying, “The sense of honour and dignity that one sees in public life in Mizoram is heart-warming. It is also typical of this state’s rich society. The signing, implementation and adherence to the Mizo Accord of 1986 is still held up as a shining example all over the world. Yesterday I called it a miracle. And it truly is a miracle in the 2 way in which it ended an insurgency situation and a conflict that had divided our country and Mizo society itself. The Accord and its legacy represent one of the greatest successes in India’s long history.”

The President appreciated the Mizoram government has undertaken two programmes that have led to substantial outcomes — the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) and the New Economic Development Policy. Kovind became only the second president to address the Mizoram Assembly, after APJ Abdul Kalam.

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