Hardselling Northeast

The North East region of the country is increasingly becoming a favoured destination for multitude of people from the rest of the country. These are not just tourists but include prospective investors, innovators, writers and artists alike. The opportunities offered to the varying interest groups are unique in each of the eight states of the region. Till about a decade back, a traveler to the region had to labour hard to look for information and avenues. The scenario is fast changing, thanks to a number of festivals and events where one can find platforms to interact with people from different fields. The festivals and expos such as the International Hornbill Festival in Nagaland, the Tourism Mart in Assam, the Flower cum Cherry Blossom festival in Manipur, North East International Trade Fair in Dimapur, Nagaland etc. are all aimed at hardselling their respective states and invite tourists and investors.

Winter is perhaps a gift of the Almighty to the North East! The weather is not harsh, very less or no rainfall, which combined makes travelling a pleasant experience. It is therefore not unusual that during this period, air tickets and hotel rooms are all sold out, which again makes room for entrepreneurs to focus towards infrastructure development. Talking of infrastructure, the recent announcement by PM Modi about the special package being offered to the North Eastern states particularly in the areas of infrastructure development with special focus on Airways, Railways, Waterways, Roads, Power etc. is a timely intervention and should be fully exploited by all including the governments, entrepreneurs from within and outside the region. Such interventions are the critical components that would result in seamless realization of the Look East Policy making the North East states active participants in promoting the economic growth of the nation. Doubling of budget for Tourism promotion in the region is sure to catalyse the whole process of developing the region into a major economic hub not only of India but of Asia as a whole. Looking at the increased synergy amongst the Central and State governments of the region, as also the private sector, one can expect without doubt that the North East India as a destination is only going to gain momentum.

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