Why Business Summit? Why NITex?

According to Business Association of Nagas (BAN) entrepreneurship has come of age in Naga society today; for far too long the nature of doing ‘business’ has been in the form of smaller, unorganized pockets where the main objective was how to make quick cash, and get rich at the shortest period of time. However, such business ideas are short lived, and die as quickly as it began. The growing need for the economic condition of Nagaland to move from ‘dependency syndrome’ and consumerist economy to a sustainable producer economy is felt in almost all the sectors. The idea of developing a sustainable economy requires efficient and competent human skills to create a process where various resources are channelled effectively towards the production of finished goods. The economics of ‘marketability’ and availability of a market comes into play. Another vital requirement of economic growth is the interaction and independence of Public and Private sector, a kind of interaction that builds a conducive environment for business and entrepreneurship to grow. Interdependence and interaction should address the various issues related to manufacturing and production and marketability and its associated economics. Therefore, visualized as a catalyst to augment economic growth, it is imperative that public-private alliances according to local economic conditions are promoted. The growing economic integration among countries across the globe is leading to a major transformation in the overall import export scenario with the trade barriers removed to a great extent allowing free flow of trade and services. Nagaland as well as the entire North-east region has the advantage to occupy a wider market for the goods and services produced by them. The North-eastern part of India which shares boundary with four neighbouring countries viz. Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Bhutan has assumed importance in the wake of attempts to forge greater South Asian regional trade co-operation. To capitalize the situation the entrepreneur of the region needs to be well versed with the import export regime and other related issues.


It is in this context the Business Association of Nagas organized the Business Summit- resources building, interdependence and sustainability with anticipation that the summit will create an interface with key stakeholders for generating awareness in the issues which can provide much impetus towards the growth of trade and commerce in the region.

As a consequence by visioning at bringing together the different stakeholders including traders, banks and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of the northeast region,  the Business Association of Nagas (BAN), Nagaland in collaboration with the Government of Nagaland, organised the 1st Nagaland International Trade Expo (NITex) from November 24 -30, 2017 at Dimapur. It was supported by multiple agencies including the Union Ministry of Textile, ministry of MSME, Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the North East Council; Federation of Industry and Commerce of North East Region. A first of its kind in Nagaland, this 7-day Expo brought together business houses, entrepreneurs and governments from Asian countries, India and Nagaland.



The main objectives of the Expo was, To introduce entrepreneurs to new products, technologies and business prospects and facilitate Business to Business (B2B) interactions, To provide a platform for promotion of local products and services of entrepreneurs and small scale industries; To foster trade, commerce and cultural relations especially with ASEAN countries; To exhibit Nagaland’s potential and provide a window to the various business opportunities available in the State; To sensitize consumers about latest innovations in products and services of consumer durables, financial institutions and other organizations of trade and commerce. The main target industry sectors were textiles, packaging, agriculture, construction, consumer appliances, agro-bamboo and automobile and the highlights of the event were exhibitions, business summit, food courts, international pavilion, entertainment & cultural showcase. The programme was all about ‘living up to the core of the association’s vision to promote entrepreneurship among Nagas and strengthen Nagaland by ushering the state towards booming economy and self-reliant state. The event highlights were exhibitions, Business Summit, Food courts, International pavilion, Entertainment & cultural showcase.

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