Futsal: A Tournament for Unity through Sports


In Nagaland, sports have been left pretty frustrated over the years. The lack of facilities and adequate pitches, the absence of a coherent and consistent playing style from the players and a domestic association that isn’t up to the standard in organizational and financial terms have all meant that have been going nowhere. We need more government support to open up sports academies. Earlier, players lacked motivation as they were not well paid. But if only the Government aims at providing a platform for the players of the region to demonstrate their skills and grab an opportunity to be trained by experts, they can earn good money in playing different leagues and thus ease employment problems in the State. There isn’t much doubt that the State will only benefit from introducing players but it also needs to be complimented by a series of other measures, including financial and political might. Looking at the talent pool and fan following for sports in the State, a little push from the governments towards the sport will bring more glory to the region. It is high time the contribution of the Government is addressed.


Regrettably Nagaland is tragically plagued by the chaos of corruption. The economic prospects is not good and life for the majority of its citizens remains a daily battle of subsistence living and survival. But this has not prohibited a deep passion for the game. Plagued by the issues of tribalism, hatred, corruptions and several other social issues related to negative consequences, PWD Colony Sporting Club, Dimapur organised Futsal tournament from 2nd – 4th November with a theme “Unity through Sports” in Childrens Park, Landmark colony with optimism to beat all the hurdles and express the current generation to draw closer  to each other and also fill the gap with their seniors. This event was open to various Football clubs in the Northeast Region of India.

            Photo credit: Imtisenla Lusang & Lanusenla

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