Crowning Glory

Tanya Brooks

A mother, a wife, a student and also DAZZLE MRS INDIA NORTHEAST INTERNATIONAL,

a complete woman who holds on to her dreams and even balances her responsibility with finesse. Sunita Deb is a true example of what a woman of today is capable of and can achieve if supported.

A brief interaction with this inspirational beauty was a definite eye opener for me and I am sure my readers will agree. The interaction…


Share with us your story before the pageant.

                A home maker. Wife to a loving husband and a mother to two beautiful kids. My life was complete and happy as my family is my greatest strength and support. Teaching is also my passion and at present I am pursuing my M.A  in Education from IGNOU and have worked in a few schools earlier. I am also very much involved with the development and care of orphan children and support the NGOs that care for them like Ram Krishna Mission Society of Dimapur and Belur in West Bengal. I have even been a part of the aviation industry and my love for hospitality and fashion has been a long drawn affair. I believe this love for fashion has in some way helped me reach where I am today.


How did the whole journey of Dazzle Mrs India Northeast begin?

                I had already participated in 2 pageants before this which made me quite confident and boosted my spirits. The 2 pageants were- Mrs. India Homemaker 2017 and Mrs. India Global International. I had won titles too, Zonal winner – Mrs Northeast for the prior and Mrs Glowing Skin for the latter. Dazzle was a big platform and I was overwhelmed to represent my state Assam as a finalist. I was extremely blessed and privileged to have bagged two prestigious titles in the pageant- Mrs. India International Northeast 2017 and Mrs. India International Photogenic 2017. I was even the highest voted finalists with over 1.2K LIKES IN THE Dazzle Mrs. India International Official Page.


You are an inspiration to all who dream. Share with our readers especially the young girls your strength and love for dreams.

                I believe as a woman it is important to respect yourself first and realise your worth. These pageants help women feel their worth as an individual who can represent her views and values to a larger audience. Balance is the prime basics of life and as a woman we need to balance our roles and dreams equally. I believe in hard work and self confidence as they have brought me to what I am today and consider them my strengths along with the support of my family. Never give up on your dreams as dreams do come true if you work towards them. Each of us are well equipped to achieve our dreams and make them come true. So dream big and work hard. There is no shortcut to success.


You are pursuing your Higher Education in Guwahati. How important do you think education is in today’s world?

                Education in a nutshell is the backbone of an individual. It is important for the over all development of the nation and is the true source of happiness and prosperity. Education empowers and enables the thought process of individuals. I love the slogan that says when you educate a woman, you educate a generation and I vouch for this every single day. There isn’t and there can never be any substitute to education.


You keep travelling back and forth from Nagaland to Assam. How would you describe the beauty of Northeast to attract tourism?

                Northeast is a region where the beauty of nature flourishes in all its glory. Home to nature’s bounty and umpteen number of tourist attraction, Northeast India is definitely a traveller’s paradise. Each of the states are doing their best to uplift their individual states and boost tourism and I feel it is really working. The diversity of the states, the love of the simple people and the feeling of warmth is what the entire Northeast is filled with.


What does the future hold?

                I believe in the positivity of life and hope for a welcoming future. I wish to continue with my hard work and contribute to give back to society. Winning a crown is not the end; rather it is merely a beginning towards greater social responsibilities.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all and would like to appeal to every member of our society to help in the upliftment of our daughters, sisters and wives to come forward and achieve their dreams in their respective fields.

A true inspiration and a befitting crowned beauty.

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