Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NBDA): Development of Bamboo in Nagaland

Kichung Phom, Team Member (NBDA)

Bamboo combines the best of forestry and agriculture as it can easily be adopted to become annually farmed resources while remaining perennial. Bamboo as a value added industry can provide an integrated solution that uses abundant natural resources, which is environmentally protective and can be processed and generated through community owned enterprise both small and large.

Bamboo, as compared to other industrialized processes allows the rural communities to partake in a larger proportion of value addition. It is a natural vehicle for rural development because rural people generally have adequate access to it and it can be easily grown and harvested. Current estimates indicates that over 600 million people generate income from bamboo and over a billion people live in bamboo houses the world over. Bamboo can therefore be an important component of development and an effective means to improve the livelihoods of the people.

Bamboo is a natural resources abundantly found in the State. It is estimated that 5% of the total National Bamboo resources is placed in the State. Taking cognizance of this appreciable facts, the State Bamboo Policy was formulated and notified on 15th  March 2004 and The Nagaland Bamboo Development was established in 2005. The Development of bamboo in the State is being taken up from two perspectives, resource development wherein scientifically managed captive plantations are being promoted and enterprise development wherein the agency is promoting local entrepreneurs to set up bamboo processing units. Integrated cluster development approach is being adopted and the plantation projects and the processing units are to be integrated in the clusters for development. Technology development constitutes an important component to the development of bamboo resource base as well as the promotion of Bamboo enterprise.


Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre:

An imperative and important step taken by the agency towards promoting the development of bamboo is the establishment of the Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre at Dimapur. The centre, conceptualized and established to introduce and disseminate bamboo cultivation and processing technology, build entrepreneurship skill, undertake research and development and facilitate the institutionalization of bamboo development is playing a pivotal role in promoting the development of bamboo in the State. The centre has now gained recognition as a centre of excellence in the field of bamboo development nationally and this initiative by the agency is now also being emulated by other States in the country.

NAGALAND BAMBOO RESOURCE CENTRE at present the Centre houses the following facilities:

– CFC for handicraft.

– Bamboo sticks production unit

– Bamboo strips production unit.

– Bamboo Treatment plant.

– Charcoal production Kilns.

– Charcoal briquette Unit.

– Bamboo furniture production unit.

– Bamboo Central Nursery.

– Bamboo Setum/Park.

– Chimono Exhibition Centre

– Green Circle (Amphitheatre)

-Traditional Sale Centre (Shell Structure)

– Norman Putsure Bamboo Archive

-Training complex.

-Training Hostel

– A Technology Park.

– Consignment Sale depot for handicrafts

– Venetian blinds weaving unit.



13_NBDA____Recent Achievement of NBDA:

Faced with innumerable challenges during the initial phase of implementing its objectives, the agency has now become more of a household name and embraced by many as a medium where lives can be actually built besides the many challenges.

  • Under the flagship programme of the National Agro-forestry and Bamboo Mission the agency has been carrying out technically managed plantation and capacity building programes covering the State.
  • Skill development programme under North Eastern Council, Ministry of DoNER where more that 1000 youth were trained.
  • Selection as training partner by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for skilling unemployed youth under CB&TA Scheme of Ministry of DoNER.
  • The NBDA has signed an MOU with the Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) for supply of two lakh Metric Tonnes per annum of Bamboo for production of Bio-Ethanol by NRL.
  • Supply of Bamboo Shoot to Holyland Pvt. limited, New Delhi.
  • Supply of 15000 nos of Bamboo woven mat from Mat Cluster annually to TIMPACT ltd and Nano Steel.
  • Supply of Treated Bamboo and handicraft product to various part of the country.
  • The Agency has been collaborating with the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and E’than Studio ,New Delhi for design Development.
  • In Colloboration with the Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, New Delhi, the agency has developed Green composite material for rural housing bamboo fibre.
  • The Agency is also affiliated with the Handicrafts and Carpets Skill Sector Council of India and Agriculture Skill Council of India under the Aegis of National Skill Development Council and MSDE.
  • Recognising Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre to be Notified as Regional Resource Centre for North East Region by the Ministry of DoNER GoI.



                The State of Nagaland has Sufficient Bamboo Resource, more over the agro- climatic condition of Nagaland is favorable for technically managed plantation and with Rich species diversity,46 species identified so far the state has the potential to contribute to the economy of our country. The Green credentials of Bamboo and its environment Benefits also contributing to the Health of our Nation. The Bamboo Growers have sufficient stock to meet the demand for the following Bamboo based Industry/Entreprise:

  • Charcoal/briquettes/activated carbon
  • Handicraft and  lifestyle products
  • Bamboo pole(Treated and Untreated)
  • Rural Housing and High end construction
  • Mat production
  • Bio fuels for energy
  • Lumber technology
  • Bamboo Furniture
  • Bamboo shoot as Food
  • Engineered boards
  • Carbon trading
  • Interior designing with bamboo
  • Agarbatti stick/tooth pick
  • Venetian blinds
  • Pulp & Paper industry




The NBDA has completed 11th year of existence during which it has work untiringly for empowering rural people, creating job avenues and played a vital role in improving the livelihood of the local entrepreneurs and artisans.

Bamboo, beside various application and uses, it can be used to reduce synthetic waste. Moreover, Bamboo’s ability to provide global environmental services through carbon sequestration is increasingly being recognized. Due to its fast growth rate and higher bio mass production, bamboo is considered to be a plant with a high sequestration capability, and the research to date indeed confirms that bamboo equally or outperforms fast growing trees in its rate of carbon accumulation.

The Bamboo, as the future material for Green future has only begun, and we can only look forward with positive attitude with Bamboo on our side.

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