Is Youth Employment improving?

Are the potential energy of the youths in the Northeast copiously explored? Is the Government doing enough to provide youngsters with the opportunity to fully participate in the development of their states as well as the country? Surely, resources and talents inherent with them are not lacking, and some have the potential to be competent on an international level as well.

NGOs and the stakeholders have big role to play and they must identify areas of skilling and vocational training in the states and districts that need improvement. Nonetheless, today, there are many youths in the Northeast who take up their own entrepreneurship for self-sufficiency, which in turn inspires the others to start a voyage on their own.

July 15 is World Youth Skills Day, and the United Nations is observing the day on the theme, “Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment.” As said by Ban Ki Moon, “Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to lower quality of jobs, greater labor market inequalities, and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions. That is why education and training are key determinants of success in the labor market. Unfortunately, existing systems are failing to address the learning needs of many young people and surveys of learning outcomes and skills show that a large number of youth have low levels of achievement in basic literacy and numeracy”.

The Northeast Window talks with some of the young, budding and successful entrepreneurs from the Northeast and brings about the challenges in a society where youth unemployment is rapidly growing (or ceasing?). Are the initiatives that are a part of national schemes like PMKVY and DDU-GKY apart from regional schemes from the states making an impact?

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