Let’s Skill Our Youth

By: Tanya Brooks

Skill development is becoming quite a franchise today in our country. Every agency is banking on skill development and every third person on the road somewhere, somehow is related to this franchise.


With the dawn of the current ruling government, the nation saw a big skill development leap in the form of PMKVY and as the trend goes, everyone joined the bandwagon without knowing much or hardly anything about what Skill Development is all about.


I too was a part of this development and I can very ashamedly say that only a few understand the potential of what skill development is all about and what the government actually wants. Majority of the people who are in this development are in it because of the money. But all said, the biggest losers in the whole bargain are the youth. The youth are the sole targets of skill development. They are the reason why the nation is funding such programs but then the question is- Are the youths actually getting skilled? Is development really happening? Is the purpose really being fulfilled?


15th of July is celebrated as The World Youth Skills Day, a day dedicated to empower and give the youth a platform to grow, declared by the UN General Assembly in December 2014. The goal of this decision is to “achieve better socio-economic conditions for today’s youth as a means of addressing the challenges of unemployment and under employment “. Though celebrated on a particular day, the agendas of the World Youth Skills Day needs to be followed each day for a better tomorrow. The first Word Youth Skills Day was celebrated in 2015. That year, the theme was “To raise awareness on the importance of investing in youth skills development “. The following year 2016 saw the theme “Skills Development to Improve Youth Employment”. This was to understand what works to support young people in the labor market through training and skills development.


The themes are same each year, the day commemorated but the question lies “What” sustains. Skills development should just not be a fictional money making project but should definitely have some concrete basis. I would be wrong if I said it was all a myth and that skill development does not exist but that’s a no. Many agencies (government, non government) educational institutions, companies, industries and more have taken up the onus to actually skill the youth and give them a life. It’s only that the number is quite small compared to the rest who really don’t care.


“Skills development is an ability and capability acquired through deliberate, systematic and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carry out activities involving ideas, things and people”. It’s a way to livelihood, a way to progress, and a way to a better life and so let’s give our youth this boon and make them a skilled and employed citizen of our nation. Let’s skill our youth!

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