DREAMZ UNLIMITED: Shining through a thought-provoking Revival

Do you get noticed by people whenever you’re out? What are their expressions like?

                -Our actors get their fair share of recognition from people within the state wherever we travel, especially Imkongchuba aka, Rev. Federicks from our video “The Demand”. People (especially the youths) love taking photos with him and getting autographs as well.


Just like films, you rely on working with a wide range of people. Tell us about that process. Do you sometimes have differences in opinions? How do you sort them out?

                -Yes, our team consists of different individuals each with their own unique skills. We gather our ideas and brainstorm and yes we sometimes have differences in opinions but at the end of the day we usually come up with something which we all agree is best for all.


What would you say has been your key to success?

                -Hard work and passion. It is this combination that has brought us this far. It’s hopeless when you have the passion to do something different yet sit there just aimlessly. You need to put in that extra effort and sacrifice a lot of things along the way.


What are some of the greatest challenges you face?

                -One of the greatest challenges we face is the limitations of our own imaginations, and that is when we challenge ourselves to break through that “limit”, that barrier – and delve deeper into our dreams. Our imaginations should be left to run wild. Our dreams should be unlimited.


Theatre is important because…

                -…it involves people and can directly touch the heart of the audience, and bring changes in our society.


What’s next for Dreamz Unlimited? What are you working on at the moment?

                -We are still doing post production work of the film “Nana: A Tale of Us”. It is produced by the Aoyimti Baptist Church, and will hopefully be released by June-July this year. Besides that, there are a few shows lined up in church, jubilee function, college and conference. And perhaps whenever new ideas strike, we will continue to make our videos which we believe will inspire and motivate people to steer our society in the right direction.



Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

                -You cannot achieve success overnight. It takes discipline and focus to arrive at any goal. There’s a price to pay too, like you’ll have to sacrifice your time to work when others are enjoying, and pitching your ideas to friends and elders even when sometimes you feel that they aren’t interested. Perfecting your art requires time and patience. The sacrifices you make and the patience you build up will surely bring things to fruition and at the end make you content with a sense of fulfillment that you have faced all the challenges along the way.

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