DREAMZ UNLIMITED: Shining through a thought-provoking Revival

Vision and courage are the qualities that have always propelled the arts forward. If we can’t get 20-year-olds back into the theater because we keep thinking that marketing strategies and the consensus of committees are more important than conviction, that’s when we’ll be facing failure. If we can’t afford to put the risky on the stage, there’s no excuse for not developing it in the laboratory, so that the possibility of it living and breathing remains. I must admit that there are probably a hefty percentage of people who do not believe theatre matters. Do the people who belittle this form of art do so because they’re too expensive, irrelevant, or because they have the capacity to say unpredictable and unpleasant things? If there’s even a flicker of belief that our theatre does actually matter, the next question is how to keep it relevant and inviting – financially and aesthetically, to new generations. It isn’t rocket science. It’s the historical shape of how ideas and art forms move forward.

                Molière (French playwright and actor) was in and out of favor in the French court because of a church that had little patience for his satires. The cardinal whom he ridiculed in Tartuffe, and who censored him, is long forgotten, while Molière has theaters, and the French equivalent of the Tony Awards, named after him.

      Theatre is the joy of being able to bring stories that might be on the page or in someone’s head to life. It is where stories can truly live, breathe, and have their meaning—whether live means on the stage or on the screen. Theatre does no harm, and for this reason alone, the more time and energy we as a society devote to theatre and the arts, the better off we will be. Stories are no longer just thoughts and words – they model for us a kind of public discourse that lies at the heart of democratic life, and builds our skills for listening to different sides of a conversation or argument, and empathising with the struggles of our fellow human beings whatever their views may be. It influences the way we think and feel about our own lives and encourages us to take a hard look at ourselves, our values, and our behavior.

    Dreamz Unlimited waltz from the common dichotomy of ‘good and evil’ and the everyday ‘aam’ Naga problems, to the fraudulent conducts by those that are in power. Founded in 2008 after a workshop with the National School of Drama (New Delhi) in Dimapur, the impeccable team of actors is led by the brainchild and Director, Tiakumzuk Aier. In the interview with The Northeast Window, Tia said, “I was very much fascinated with acting, drama and films, right from the days when I was young. I didn’t have much knowledge about theatre those days, but I never missed a chance to get to know about films and watch them as well, whenever I had free time. There was nobody to guide me in this area and it was something new for our generation, So I ended up studying B.A (Bachelor of Arts), instead of heading to some specific line like film studies or performing arts”. People say that the secret to success and fulfillment lie in the ability to express humility, and Tiakumzuk is a living proof of this quote. He is an unassuming man, who has a keen vision for change, and is always open to suggestions and constructive criticisms, which makes it a lot easier for people to reach to the team and in turn, help them tell stories that are guaranteed to leave you thinking, – like the incessant power cuts that keep us from living a normal life, the temporal delights that consume the young generation, the many mixed feelings during the ULB Election crises in Nagaland, the duping practices of the butchers and much worse – the crooked state of the Government.

Tiakumzuk Aier

             Dreamz Unlimited has organised a series of theatre workshops in different Government Schools of Dimapur. In 2012 and 2014, Tiakumzuk Aier directed two Christian feature films in Ao language named, “Life Rewind” and “The Wake-Up Call” which were widely appreciated by the masses. In 2016, the team started with a series of short videos called “HOISHEY”, which viraled through social media platforms in just a few days. Packed with honesty, realism, satire and wit, Dreamz Unlimited hopes to extend more of their activities into conducting Drama workshops, creating awareness and spreading the importance of this art. The members in the team include:

  • Tiakumzuk Aier
  • Bokavi Swu
  • Zokhoi Chuzo
  • Imkongchuba
  • Ariensa Longchar
  • Alfrit Chishi
  • Tiasunep
  • Along Longchar
  • Imansenla Aier
  • Bendangrenla
  • Arentila
  • Imtiakum Ao

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