Local Once Again!

By: Tanya Brooks

The pre-booked shows and fab raves from the audience was a celebratory cauldron for Local Kung Fu 2 which had done full justice to the prequel that stole all our hearts and how. A crisp conversation over FB messenger with Kenny Basumatary (man behind this success) was like deja-vu to our first interaction complete with the vibe, excitement, nervousness and his passion for his work.


This is how it unfolds…

“Local Kung Fu 2”, a sequel for the first time in an Assamese movie. How did it all happen?

                Local Kung Fu 2 got started only when I had a great story which could get everyone really excited about.

What’s the connection with Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors”?

                Well, I’d written the story of LKF2 for a Shakespeare adaptation competition. The story didn’t make it to the finals, but as I narrated it to friends and family, their laughter convinced me that it had potential.


As action is vital in the LKF Movies, tell us about the action sequences this time.

                We’ve managed to take the action one level higher this time, especially because of Montu Deori, our local Tony Jaa. Utkal’s fighting style is Wing Chun and Taekwondo-style kicks, whereas my character uses a bit of wrestling and a bit of Kung Fu.


How did the idea of crowd-funding come about?

                We didn’t want to put any individual’s money at risk, nor did we want the strings that might come attached with one big financier, plus we were running out of time to find some kind of angel investor, so we took to crowd-funding.


The movie is a bilingual one, right?

                It’s not bilingual, actually. The Assamese version and the Hindi version are two separate entities. The Hindi version might become a proper Hindi film, or a web series.


Last Comments…

                It’s encouraging that people are willing to give Assamese films a chance and opening weekend box-office collections are high. But we need many more theatres. It’s really sad that a district headquarters like Mangaldoi didn’t have a theatre for so many years, and Tezpur, the cultural capital, has only one theatre left. People message on Facebook that there’s no theatre in their town so they’re waiting for it to come on the net, and it saddens me that they’ll have to wait quite long. If LKF2 is a box-office hit, it’ll be wonderful for the whole industry. Financiers will hopefully find Assamese films a viable investment.

A pleasure always!

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