Folk Music and Dance

By: Rukmini Barua Deka

Showcasing folk music and dance has been the quintessence of culture of the people living in the Northeast. Passing on from one generation to another, they are tremendously important for human race. Folk culture enables a community; society and ethnic tribe to preserve their cultural identities. It seeks to emphasise on cultural revival, ideas, motifs and objects among the various tribes and encouraging indigenous folk music. Folk songs, dance and traditional sounds that have originated from the banks of the river Brahmaputra need to cater to the interest of the youth, gaining ground among young people.

                Arundhati Choudhury, renowned artist of Kala Academy Foundation, Guwahati in collaboration with eminent exponents of folk culture Khagen Kalita and Tribeni Das organized a programme of folk music and dance at Northeast Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC), Silpagram, Guwahati on 20th May, 2017. It was sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Government of India. All the participants underwent rigorous training for about eight months before performing this programme. Filled with myriad hues, it was a scintillating experience for one and all who came to attend the programme. Highly acclaimed artist Arundhati Choudhury is working for the encouragement and popularisation of folk music and dance in Assam, which profoundly influence in the harmonious growth and development of individuals.

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