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It builds a negative effect on the population and yet, we are unaware of it! Patience for a useful news and workout for the spicy news, both are at variance from one another. News must be something happening from around the country, state or the world, which the public should know or be informed of. In this issue, we cover stories on Yellow journalism, bias and misplaced ideals in the National media – a way to get the more viewers or readers with lesser efforts. A lot of newspapers and TV news channels contest and compete on who gets to cover the most Unfair and Immoral news that is effective and would receive a huge audience. Yellow journalism is not journalism, rather, pure ‘Business’. It creates a niche Market if we talk in terms marketing and these TV channels are serving only to this market segment with tons of spices and flavors in the News. It impacts on their TRP positively and on Morals for the Media, negatively. How can the media persons call themselves “Intellect” even when they are much aware of the meaning of it? They can make a history of baseless rhetoric but can’t achieve a real mean of Journalism? The BJP supporters accuse some newspapers of Anti-Narendra Modi bias while the Congress supporters accuse the others of being spokesmen of BJP and RSS. Regional bias (between states) is another major issue. More often than not, Indian media is usually biased in their reporting of dealings with some states. As you read, listen and watch the news, you may notice stories that you think are biased. .

Media is called one of the pillars of Democracy. Its strength lies in journalists as well as in our hands. We should all be aware of our responsibilities because we are the people, the voice and the media who run a Democracy.

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