“For all the thoughts and ideas that need to go somewhere, I choose Art” – Moa Lemtur

Pale Leaves IV

Is it true what people say? That the artistic life is lonely?

-People say that? Oh I don’t know, never been around that many people to have such conversations! Haha.

Well, it’s hard to answer to that question. I’m neither astute nor experienced enough to be speaking for the art community in general. But I guess there’s always a loner in a group of people.


Do you have a dream project?

-I won’t put it as a ‘project’, but I would love my works to voyage around the globe. I’ve always had this thought that I would feel I’ve actually achieved level excellent, if one of my artworks ever gets stolen. Imagine that massive influence you have on someone. So much fascination that he takes the risk of stealing something extremely valuable and then gets caught!


10_We're changing

I read that you love Van Gogh as well. I love the fact that he lived more than 115 years ago, and yet his artworks still modify the way people view beauty, individualism, and style in art. What would you say is something you acquired from him most? Was it his artworks or his life, or both? (All smiles)

-I would say both his artworks and his life. His bold moves on using new styles of brush strokes to paint his art were so innovative, and they still look so different compared to others. This is what has inspired me a lot – to try new ways of executing my artworks. Vincent’s earliest career aspiration was to be a pastor just like his father, and he couldn’t be one. But then, his works have preached so many people, including me!


What, according to you is the most inspiring thing happening right now?

-Living with friends who do the same thing that I do.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

-It was around 2007-08, I was watching and learning from a guitar instructional DVD by Craig Goldy. This is what he says at the end of the DVD, “You guys are us guys just some few years back. We just had a lot of fire burning inside us. The passion! Let your passion burn with so much heat that you let the others around you feel the heat too!”


What’s next for you?

-I’ve been preparing some big canvases to take part in an exhibition, so that should be the next big thing for me.

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