“For all the thoughts and ideas that need to go somewhere, I choose Art” – Moa Lemtur

What type of art do you most identify with, and what themes do you pursue?

-I mostly do traditional art. Black inks for illustrations. Black because it can be powerful, calm, humble and loving. It gives me the complete freedom to communicate through a pen. I also use oil colors for painting on canvases.

I actually don’t follow any particular themes. I often build up visions for my art through my personal experiences and through stories shared with my close ones. I’d rather prefer my art to be open for interpretation to every individual.



What medium do you work in?

-I work a lot using a dip pen, black ink and water color papers. That’s how I do my illustrations. For painting on big canvases, I use oil colors.


Besides art, you…

-Read books, watch a lot of documentaries or play guitar.


What’s a day like, at Therefore Design Studio?

-It’s a really fun design studio. I have learnt a lot being here with the awesome designers. We do a lot of branding and packaging works.

And not just that, there’s a lot of interesting and intellectual people in the team, and our conversations often lead to something revolutionary or something worth creating a meme!


Pale LEavesI

Can you tell us of a seminal experience?

-My dad would allow us to sketch on our room walls with crayons, and it was a white washed wall! So it was literally covered in rainbows of random lines and doodles. Ever saw that Nyan Cat video on YouTube? Just imagine a group of Nyan Cats flying across my room. So that was how it looked! And I’ve always felt that this particular experience helped me build the courage to do any art, any idea on any paper. The premature experience of sketching on a wall, which others may reprove, has taught me the courage to make art that challenges me. Sometimes the only thing that an artist needs is the courage to make the first stroke on an empty paper.


That is one stirring story, and I think it’s crazy for anybody to not love Nyan cats. Where does your inspiration come from?

-Good movies, books, good music and lyrics.


What’s on your playlist right now?

-500 seconds before sunset- David Maxim

Bitter Water – The Oh Hellos

Tourist – Julian Casablancas

How soon is now? – The smiths

This Charming man – The Smiths


The Smiths. They’re classic.

Can you name a favorite project/s you’ve worked or are working on?

-I have been painting on some large canvases (hopefully preparing for a gallery). Although none of them are complete, it’s my favorite so far.


If not an artist, you’d have been?

-An architect or a Carpenter.

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