“For all the thoughts and ideas that need to go somewhere, I choose Art” – Moa Lemtur

Versatility is always an incredibly important asset, but it’s difficult to demonstrate a voice where your artistic confidence separates yourself from the crowd. Meet Moa Lemtur, a Pune based artist from Nagaland, who’s waded himself to his passion and stood out by creating art in his own mode. His work captures ephemeral personas in many fluxes and combines metaphors and minimal interventions in ways where the different mental and emotional pictures of his subjects are portrayed. Moa’s works are haunting, sensual and lovely impressions of a visionary mind. He is known for fresh and effective concepts where he often incorporates elements of his surroundings, life experiences, people and affections by creating an effective illusion of perspective. I assume his tools are strengthened by his ability to capture feelings and moments that pass by unnoticed, coupled with a vivid imagination and his way of bucking the status-quo. Whether his subjects are objects, florals, landscapes, or humans, he is able to infuse his works with beauty, ambiguity and emotions – all at the same time.


A cup of coffee
A cup of coffee

Can you tell us where you grew up? What is the story behind your love for Art?

-I was born and brought up in Dimapur, Nagaland. I grew up in a small family, and I always had a close connection with art. I started sketching when I was six, and as far as I remember, Comic books were the reason I picked up the pencil. I really loved the ink works in the comics and it was always fun recreating the scenes on my drawing books. But even though I started drawing at a young age, doodling once in a while wasn’t enough. So it wasn’t until four years back that I decided on honing up my art skills, taking it to a serious level and turning it into a huge aspect of my life.


Why art?

-Life’s a great journey if we’re able to notice all the small undertakings that we often dwell in. This gives us experiences and helps us build thoughts and emotions. And as for me, all these thoughts and the ideas need to go somewhere – a resting place where I can visit and relive them. I chose Art as the resting point for all these. Art gives my eyes and mind a chance to rest, to muse, to think.


This is for you, for yourself. For the person in you
This is for you, for yourself. For the person in you

What according to you is integral to the work of an artist?

-To offer something new to the world. It can be a new perspective, a new stroke of line, a new concoction of color, a new texture or a pattern. Whatever be it, the artist should contribute something new as an experience for themselves and for the others as well.




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