Spring is in!

 By: Annalia Zhimomi (Professional Make-up artist)

Since it’s spring season and in the Northeast we experience a moody weather, we have the perfect bed head unkempt and under-styled hairdo for this season and it is a huge fashion trend.
13_Beauty_SPRING IS IN______________
For messy updo, for a formal event without it looking overdone.
For messy, unkempt updo, for events.
The basic tools are –
Bobby pins, U-pins and teasing comb.


You do not need any sort of spray, wax or gel as this will give a more neater, polished or made up look.


  • Take your teasing comb and slightly back comb the hair around your crown area and then make a puff and secure it with bobby pins. After doing the crown, section out the front part of the hair right behind the ear as we will use this as fillers later. Now tie the rest of your hair with a thin rubber band.
  • Next step is to section your pony tail into five strands (or more depending on the thickness of your hair)
  • Now take one of your bobby pins and stick it to the first strand (half way down the pony tail) and twist it around a few times (or several for longer hair) and then clip it to your head.
  • Repeat this for the rest of the strands.
  • Now do the same with the two strands of hair near the ear. You can twist it and place it loosely near the updo to give it a loose messy look.

And voila! You have your five min messy hair updo!

13_Beauty_SPRING IS IN_____


The kind of products one can use to keep this look in place (or out of place!):

  • Take your teasing comb and slight backcomb your hair around the crown area and then pull your hair back to make a puff and secure it with two bobby pins towards the end of your head in criss-cross format if you have super straight hair and want to give it that care free unkempt waves.
  • Curl your hair and run through your hair with your fingers do not apply spray
  • For super straight hair: Do not use comb to brush your hair .just run thru with your fingers , also you can curl your hair and then run through with your fingers a few times (no spray)and back comb your hair from all the sides (inner side to give it a volume).

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