Child protection day celebrated in Dibrugarh

By: Avik Kumar Chakraborty

Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (ASCPCR) Commemorated the Child Protection Day at Dibrugarh University in the form of a State Level Conclave on the theme ‘Discourse on Duties and Responsibilities towards Protection of Child Rights on March 4, 2017.

Runumi Gogoi, Chairperson i/c of the Commission speaking on the occasion mentioned the importance of the day. The Commission was established on 4th of March 2010 and since then had been working tirelessly for protection and promotion of child rights. The efforts of the Commission were recognised by the state and the establishment day of the Commission was declared as Child Protection Day vide Govt. of Assam Notification No. SWD.699/2006/Pt. V/78 dated 3rd December 2013 which makes Assam the first state in the country to have declared the state child protection day. Since then the Commission has been commemorating the day in the form of workshops, conferences, consultations etc. She also mentioned that the Commission worked closely with the youth and had organized various engagements with student organizations of Assam, on various themes including Youth for Child Rights, Youth for Social Development with special focus on the role and responsibility of the youth as change agents for bringing about development in the society. Considering these facts, ASCPCR, within its ongoing efforts to address the rights of children in Assam, with a particular focus on the most marginalized children of the state, organised a Two (2) Day Conclave with various stakeholders with a special focus on the roles and responsibilities of each member of the society to protect the rights of children. The programme was held in Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh on 3-4 March 2017.

Dr. Alak K Buragohain, Vice-Chancellor, Dibrugarh University while speaking to the audience, made special mention of the various provisions in the Constitution of India towards realizing the rights of the children. He mentioned that the society has to take responsibility and there are problems that cannot be just put on the shoulders of the administration, rather we should start to be responsible for it. Human touch is required in every aspect of operation and stated that realizing the rights of the children should be the world’s most important agenda. Every child is talented and has potentials; it’s our failure that we are unable to discover the same mentioned Dr. Buragohain.

Dr. Ramesh Ch Barpatragohain, Head, Department of Law, Gauhati University speaking on the day made a special mention that rights is nothing new that it requires hard efforts to learn and understand. Focusing on the educational system of today, he mentioned that the parents themselves have caused the child to suffer mental trauma and torture in demand of good marks and performance in terms of earning. Social development and advancement of the society can happen only when the members of the society give due recognition to others rights and don’t just enjoy the liberty of own. Let us pledge to be a member of the army to protect the rights of all the children.

The two-day conclave saw discussions and deliberations on a range of issues related to child rights through six different technical sessions focusing on perspective and role of civil society, civil and police administration perspective, and judiciary perspective, media perspective and Perspective of students and youths. Eminent panelists participating in these sessions included key civil society organizations including NESPYM, PAJHRA, PRERONA and SEWA Dibrugarh. Additionally, participants included children, Government representatives, officials of district administration, academics, senior media personalities like Shri.Pnanay Bordoloi,, faculties from Centre for Studies and Journalism & Mass Communication, Dibrugarh University, students from Various departments of the Dibrugarh University.

The two days conclave ended in the celebration of the child protection day wherein children from the Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre, Ladies club of Dibrugarh University and various children artists presented songs and dance.

The District Child Protection Unit, Dibrugarh and Centre for Women’s Studies, Dibrugarh University collaborated with the Commission in the conclave and in the Celebration of the Child Protection Day.

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