Women in the Force

Women cops regularly have better correspondence and appealing aptitudes and are better ready to encourage the participation and trust required to actualize a community police model. All over the world, women are entering the organized workplace in larger numbers including the so far highly male dominated areas like police force and the army. This transition in gender composition at workplace has thrown up several issues such as discrimination, equality of opportunity, harassment and so on.

Law enforcement today is a very complex and stressful job. The police in our country not only deal with crimes and maintain law and order. They have to tackle issues like organized crimes, cross-border terrorism, and extremism and also implement service oriented or community policing and meet the rising expectation of a right sentient democratic set up. It is here that women police can play a major role in changing the image and indeed the very character of their profession.

We have seen lady officers in armed forces from across the country. When women are given the opportunity to serve in the law enforcement agencies, they often become highly valued assets on their force. The Mahila NAP and IRB are attractive, smart, dashing ready to take over any issue, look elegant in their uniform and give a feeling of security when looked upon. Whether they are horse mounted, driving a car, or on the foot on a rainy day in Kohima or scorching heat in Dimapur, they are just amazing examples of ‘Empowerment”. “We are ready to jet our duties with supreme care and accuracy”, said an IRB mahila when asked what she feels during the start of her day.

It has been demonstrated all over the world that women police rely on a style of policing that uses less physical force. They are better at defusing and de-escalating potentially violent confrontations with citizens, and are less likely to become involved in problems with use of excessive force.
“In the next couple of years, I personally expect that there will be more and more women police deployed at the public interface of the police duties. Undoubtedly, more female officers in the police will improve law enforcement’s response to not only violence against women and reduces problems of sexual harassment and discrimination being faced by women, but will also bring tremendous change in the public perception of the police”, says a young woman ABSI.

Women play a critical role especially in cases such as sexual violence which has tragically become one of the many ways of oppressing the weaker section of the society. In addition, female officers are often called upon to deal with issues such as rape and domestic violence, which sadly knows no border, and are more apt to take seriously complaints of sexual harassment regardless of nationality.


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