Thokchom Sony: Art and stimulation

What do you think are some of the most inspiring things happening right now?

People that I meet, places I visit and Lifestyles are some of the things that inspire me. I just recently did my first solo show in Imphal. The reactions and feedbacks were overwhelming. They motivate me to paint more.


What according to you is essential to the work of an artist?

Dedication, passion, expression from the core of your heart and of course – hard work.


What kind of art do you most identify with?

Fashion illustrations, portraitures and botanical paintings.


Can you name some of your favourite art works that you’ve done?

They would be “Moirang Thoibi”, “Sandrembi reborn” and there is this piece I call, “I’m still Beautiful & Strong”. This is about a woman, post mastectomy.


What kind of projects have you worked on or created so far?

I have done a series of potloi based fashion Illustrative arts earlier and recently did my show on a series of paintings titled “Self Intimacy”. Right now I’m working on a new series which has mixed cultural elements, inspired by the diversity of cultures in New Delhi.


What is your favourite or most inspirational place right now?

There truly is no place like home. I get most of the inspirations from my home, Manipur.


What would be the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Speak your heart out and respect people.


If not an artist, you’d have been?

I may have been a plastic surgeon. (Laugh out loud)


Future plans?

I would love to do exhibitions abroad and expand my audience.

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