Our Home Grown Heroes

By: Tanya Brooks

A common tale of irony is how we look out for inspiration when we have actual heroes and living legends amidst us. Every International Women’s Day I try to bring to my readers inspiring stories of strong women who are an inspiration to society but have always given a miss to our home grown heroes. Our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, friends and each and every women we come across in life, who faces life each day with confidence and strength. Each woman is an example of strength, vigour, perseverance, endurance, patience, talent, beauty and love – each one unique and each one a hero.


I am a single mother. It’s not been an easy task as I lost my husband when I was still pregnant. The shock of the loss was unbearable but then when my son was born I found new hope and took control of my life. I am working in a corporate firm as an Assistant Manager and at home I am both a Father and a Mother to my son. I make sure he never misses the presence of his dad and do all in my ability to make our life together happy.

~ Maya.


The taunts from my family members and society for still being unmarried at the age of 34, sometimes gets me troubled but thanks to my mother who is my inspiration on becoming a strong women I face it all with a smile and with the answer ” I want love not just a marriage”. Being a counsellor I do my best to help people around me and try to spread the positivity of life though the journey is not always easy. 

~ Shradha 


The option of adopting a child at 25 was not to prove to the world a point but it was something that I wanted to do a woman. A decision I took single handedly as I wanted to make a difference to an innocent’s life. A year later today I’m proud of my decision of being a mother and also an examples to my friends who have also seen adoption as a conscious decision rather than a tertiary option.

~ Devika


A traffic police is who I am and yes I am proud of being one. My career choice is my own and I am extremely proud of what I do. Yes I do care about my skin and getting tan but when in duty the I comes later and service comes first. I serve the people with all my heart and I am a proud woman. It definitely is not an easy job but nothing really is easy in life and so I do what I have chosen with a bright smile and happy heart. 

~ Rani


Bartending is thought to be a profession meant for the men folk only but then I am there, a woman, who loves her work. No I am not in this profession cause I am not good at anything else or because I am a drunkard but I am a bartender only because  I am good at it, I love it and am passionate about it.



Few inspirations but extremely inspiring. This 8th of March lets inspire each other. Let the ordinary become extraordinary and let each woman we know become a Hero. A hero without awards, a hero without recognition and much appreciation, a hero from next door, a hero we all know.

Happy Women’s Day!

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