Hannah Khiangte: Consistency is Key

Hannnah Khiangte, an effervescent Fashion Designer from Mizoram is by all accounts getting the vogues right in the business. Fashion is a testing and inventive field that requires some shrewd business skills, craftsmanship and outline aptitudes and Hannah is an ‘all in one’. Her designs display asymmetrical silhouettes and fabrics with feminine and minimal touches. Her clothing line is effortless, sophisticated and ladylike and they radiate one’s identity. What many people love about her brand is her originality and ingenuity. Hannah sure is going many places!


Tell us a little about yourself?

– I consider myself to be a feminist and humble at best. I love my line of work and I hope to bring about the right changes in my country someday.


What sparked your interest in fashion?

– My love for clothes in the inability to get what I wanted from the market. I never liked wearing clothes as they were, I would somehow style them up on my own.


How did the idea of starting your own brand come about?

– I always dreamt of having my own brand, eventually my dreams came true and I feel blessed.

What are you working on right now?

– At the moment we are renovating our studio and showroom. We are working on expanding our market and brand. We are starting Bridal wear for Hannah Khiangte (HK) which will be custom-made. We are also introducing a lower price range for formal wear which will be available at our website. We are creating a new line called House of Hannah (HOH) for casual/urban wear with an ethnic touch, which will also be available online.


Who or what inspires you?

– I am a very visual person so my inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, depending on my surroundings.

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