In Conversation with “The Vinyl Records”

For those of you who don’t know them yet, The Vinyl Records (otherwise known as TVR), is a four piece band based in New Delhi that was teamed up in 2010, first framed by Banu, Minam and Mithy; later joined by their present vocalist and keytarist, Cheyyrian. With their music planted in Post Punk and New Wave genres (think of the two combined as frantic guitar melodies, intricate percussive sections and some synth), TVR are loved by fans for their edgy upfront attitude. The form of their music mirrors the message and upholds qualities of feminism in punk music (Bikini Kill for instance).

Congratulations are in order for your new album. What would you say are the driving emotions behind it?

– Thank you. Well, love for music and life experiences. The album was already overdue, because our last release was in 2013.


The Vinyl Records has seen a great deal of growth over the past years. From your vast experiences over the years, what are some of the most important things you have learned?

– The band is almost six years now, and it has definitely been a roller coaster ride for us. Most important experience would be the learning process – from picking up music instruments to making our own music and then getting into the music business and its aesthetics.


Where do the ideas for your videos come from?

– The previous two videos (Ready set go and Whims) was a concept we shared alongside our director, Mr Vinith Bora. The latest one is “Authority”, which is a pretty DIY, lyrics video. Our friend Karan Singh (PCRC) helped us capture portraits of fifty random women in Delhi. Most of the pictures were crowd sourced. We thought it would be an interesting idea to use the portraits with some archived footages and yep! It eventually worked for us.


What else do you do besides music?

– We read books, watch Netflix and go out for Korean food.

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