Nishangram celebrates New Year

By: Vishma Kumar Thapa

Nishangram, a small village in Assam bordering Meghalaya came to focus during the New Year amongst Garos across both the States with the annual ‘Song Kristan’ today.

The tradition of ‘Song Kristan’ involves the beating of drums and singing of songs to celebrate the Christmas season ending after the completion of New Year observation.

Thousands of people from both the States performed ‘Song Kristan’ in the border villages. The unique Garo celebration during Christmas season started from the village of Nishangram in Goalpara district of Assam and Bangsi Apal in North Garo Hills in Meghalaya and is one of the most awaited events that seek to ring in the New Year.

“Being a border village, the celebration becomes even more important as it involves Garos from both States,” said an organiser.

Nishangram and its surrounding areas are historically significant to Garos for being the first of Garo settlements of Christianity in the region. “More than 20 border villages were involved in the event today and many came from across Garo Hills. It is a celebration of our age-old traditions and is something that we want to carry forward,” said CR Marak, a resident of Dainadubi in North Garo Hills.


“I came from Rongjeng in East Garo Hills and have been a part of this celebration for over a decade now. This is how we celebrate Christmas season in Garo Hills,” said Salman Sangma, another resident. More than 30 to 40 villager People from Assam and Meghalaya took part in the celebration.

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