Ziony Shongvah Thangsha

“Fashion is someone’s creative vision, art and self expression”

Meet Ziony S Thangsha, a free spirited fashion designer and owner of the clothing brand based in Bangalore called, ‘ZIONY’.  Her chic designs have been displayed by renowned South Indian Celebrities and her works are frequently showcased in fashion shows that happen in Bangalore. Ziony, who is married to Dominic Thangsha, describes her husband as a very supportive person. “I am blessed with a lovely two year old son and the family is soon going to get bigger”, said Ziony in the interview. Although she doesn’t have a formal education in Fashion Designing, she has worked with a few Premium and Luxury brands, which helped her grow as a fashion designer. Besides Women’s clothing, Men’s wear like formal shirts, waistcoats and pants are also in the making. “I am not in a rush, but I do never stop learning and working on innovative concepts of clothing. Slow and steady is my pace when it comes to work, and I believe I will win this race”, she said. Apart from fashion designing, Ziony loves watching Reality TV shows and she feels a deep sense of encouragement from seeing people struggle to attain greater statures in their lives. She believes that her tryst with fashion not only gives her contentment but also provides her opportunities to be financially independent as well.


How did the idea of starting your brand in Bangalore strike you? Did you already have a store back in your hometown as well?

I am settled in Bangalore with my family and that’s where I decided I’d keep the brand. I am so blessed and proud to let my friends and clients know that I set up a store called Grace Me Boutique in my hometown in Ukhrul district of Manipur, just four months back. Do visit if you’re around!

How often do you visit your hometown? What is one thing you miss most about being in Manipur?

I visit my hometown once in a year. Well, the one thing that I miss about Manipur is the food.

Who or what would you say inspires you? How would you define your style?

My inspiration comes from my desire to excel and to live life fully without being dependent. I would define my style as feminine, classy and understated.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer? What do you like about his designs?

Yes, I do. For me it’s got to be Ellie Saab. His designs magnify femininity and I like the way he works with fine materials and delicate embroideries with outstanding quality. He assembles his fairytale-like creations using effortless designs and valuable substances, whilst always maintaining a form of sophistication. His specialty is making the ultimate dress that highlights a woman’s silhouette.

What are you working on right now? How do you select the materials that you use?

I am working on Wedding gowns at the moment. I select the materials by the patterns, since they tell me which types of fabrics they were designed for. I mostly use 100% cotton, laces, linen and sheer fabrics.

Is there a theme that you focus on, when it comes to your collections? Or are they all different?

Even though I don’t make clothes in huge quantity, I always categorise my work. For casuals I generally use mixed colors, different types of prints and when it comes to formal, solid pastels are the best.

What are some of the most difficult parts of your job?

Being a mother is one. I can’t just leave the household affairs and go out for some learning, sitting in meetings, etc.

What is a motto you live by?

Women should be able to dote on their husbands and children. They should be clever, successful and sexy.

A message to all the aspiring designers?

Design the same thing again and again; try something new in it each time. You’ve got to accept this process because this is what you will be doing for the entire career. Be curious and never be satisfied. Be kind. Update your activities on social networking sites, read magazines, blogs and interviews. Hunt for someone who is better than you!

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