Night CARNIVALS: Embracing the Festive Season and Free Enterprises

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Children were smiling gleefully and people from all walks of life flocked the streets as Dimapur town surrounded itself with night bazaars in many neighbourhoods. Every open bit of space became a place for someone to set up a stall and none of the stalls were empty. One of the most happening off all was the fourth edition of the Dimapur Night Carnival which began form 14 to 18th December. The carnival was jointly organised by the district administration and the business community like Dimapur District Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Business Association of Nagas and East Dimapur Business Association (EDBA) including Purana Bazaar area and NSA association members. Parliamentary secretary for Tourism C Apok Jamir who inaugurated the 5-day carnival on the occasion termed the event a unifying bond and a symbol of unity in diversity that India has always propagated and so has Nagaland which has a large number of different tribes. Speaking at the carnival, chief guest in his speech lauded the convenor and the organizing committee of the programme which came into being in the year 2013, to commemorate 50 years of Naga statehood. Pointing out the enthusiasm and energy of the carnival, he said that it rightly showed the popularity of the carnival.


Jamir maintained that the organizing committee not only showcased the carnival for the people to enjoy alone but has created a platform for all talented youngsters to showcase their talent, merchandises and entrepreneurship. He hoped that Nagas would be able to propagate the unity and diversity that India has always propagated through the carnival. He said that through the participation of all section of society, different tribes and community would come together and enjoy the festivity. Focusing on the recently concluded Hornbill festival, he related that the carnival would also reflect the enthusiasm and the festive spirit that the Nagas have and uphold the name of Nagaland know as “Land of festival”. Families, friends, groups and individuals- from different cities and states seemed to feel like they were in a different place. While hundreds thronged the food courts, there were those who did brisk shopping as well. More than 300 stalls were set up for games as well as various foods, gifts and decoration items. Various artistes also performed and hundreds of youth swayed to the rock and pop songs sung at the Karaoke booth. Every food item prepared by the food stalls was tasty and scrumptious. From South Indian dishes and fast foods to the famous Naga Zutho and Thutse (rice beer), dishes of sticky rice and pork, local meat chutney, Ghalo, etc, people bounced from one stall to the other to taste the various kinds of foods cooked and served right in the open. There were beverages from abroad, imported goods, accessories and handicrafts too. Children and old wore masks, head gears and accessories and it felt as though you were in some fancy Disney world. The event not only acted as an instrument of festivity but also provided young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to earn by setting up various stalls and proving that Dimapur is the city of private entrepreneurs in Nagaland. One shop owner told us that such events should be organised frequently as they provide an opportunity for people to get together and to enjoy the time with their families and friends. He also felt that it gave the young entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their handmade merchandises, business skills, and be known by people from thereon.

The Night Carnival came to a close on the 18th of December with advisor Urban Development, S.I. Jamir gracing the final day as chief guest. Thousands of Dimapurians thronged the streets on the last day of the popular annual event.

Jamir lauded the organizers for their dedication and sacrifice towards making the programme a success while remarking that the carnival was a much needed break for the citizens to have fun with their friends and families during the festive season. The Best Stall Award went to Temshilong Sanglir (46-C) while Wheel Club Dimapur (31-32 A) and Atsen Murry (45 E) were adjudged second and third respectively. The concluding day of the Dimapur Night Carnival also witnessed Pipers Band retreat by Nagaland Police Training School.

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