Medicinal Plants in Sikkim

Aconitum bisma

Local names: Bikma, Seto Bikhma

Parts used: Tuberous roots

Uses: The tuber paste with hot water is used in diarrhea, dysentery, food poisoning and anorexia. The tuber paste with honey is used in common cold, cough, bronchitis, deviation of nasal septum (DNS) and Sinusitis.

Aeschynanthus sikkimensis

Local name: Baklay patay

Parts used: Whole plant

Uses: Decoction of the root is taken during viral flu & fever. Fresh flowers are taken to cure pharingitis and tonsillitis. The whole plant paste is used in fractures.

Alnus nepalensis

Local names: Utis

Parts used: Leaves and barks

Uses: Leaf paste is applied on cuts and wounds. Bark powder is used to treat burns. Decoction of root bark is used against diarrhea and dysentery.

Artemisia indica

Local Names: Titepati, Khempo, Tuk-gnyel, Nagdona, Mug-wort.

Parts used: Whole plant.

Uses: It is used as anthelmintic, acts as purgative, antispasmodic and also an insecticide. The leaf juice is applied during nasal bleeding, wound and cuts. Decoction of leaves is used to cure cough, amoebic dysentery and also given to children with measles and fever. Decoction of whole plant is used in skin diseases, allergies, to remove dandruff and to improve hair growth. A ground flower is taken against liver disorder and epilepsy. Crushed leaves are applied on forehead to reduce headache. Leaves are kept under the bed to drive out bugs and insects.

Astilbe rivularis

Local names: Buriokhati

Parts used: Rhizomes and leaves

Uses: The pounded rhizome is taken with honey to cure general body pain, gastritis and constipation. Rhizome paste is taken along with honey to control excessive postpartum bleeding, diarrhea, dysentery and is also applied over the bone fracture and dislocation or joints. Rhizome juice is useful against peptic ulcer and the leaves are chewed as blood purifier.

Betula alnoides

Local names: Saur.
Parts used: Bark

Uses: Stem bark paste is used to massage on the sprain to get relief from pains. Stem bark paste mixed with leaves pastes of Cissampelos pareira is taken to cure excessive menstruation. Decoction of bark is used against post natal pain, joint pain, cough and diarrhea.

Bridelia retusa

Local names: Gaya

Parts used: Root, stem, bark, leaves and fruits.

Uses: Decoction of stem bark juice is taken against jaundice. Fruit is tonic. Leaf juice with mustard oil is applied on wounds and swellings.

Clematis buchananiana

Local names: Pinase Lahara

Parts used: Whole plant.

Uses: Root powder is inhaled through nostril to cure sinusitis. Plant paste is used to massage the affected parts to treat gout and is also applied on cuts and wounds. The root juice is taken against food poisoning.

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