Medicinal Plants in Mizoram

Achyranthes bidentata

Local name – Amaranthaceae

Uses – Leaf juice is applied on poisoned leach bite sores.


Adiantum caudatum

Local name – Chakawkria

Uses – Crushed fronds are applied externally on skin diseases.


Adiantum philippense

Local name – Chakawkte

Uses – Plant infusion is taken for fever and dysentery.


Aeginetia indica

Local name – Sangharvaibel

Uses – Rhizome juice is applied on mumps.


Ageratum conyzoides

Local name – Vailenhlo

Uses – Juice of Callicarpa arborea (Hnah kiah) root bark and curcuma (Aieng) rhizome is drunk as remedy for stomach cancer.


Albizia odoratissima

Local name – Kangteknu

Uses – Leaf boiled in ghee is used for curing cough.


Ziziphus mauritiana

Local name – Borai

Uses – Root decoction is taken for fever and the root powder is applied externally on chronic ulcer.


Zanthoxylum armatum

Local name – Arhrikreh

Uses – Leaves are used to ward off fouls or lice.


Ananas comosus

Local name – Lakhuihthei

Uses – Leaf /fruit juice is used for curing convulsions.


Artocarpus lakoocha

Local name – Theitat

Uses – Seed as purgative; bark powder is applied to sores to draw out purulent matter; infusion is applied on pimples and cracked skin.


Bombax ceiba

Local name – Phunchawng

Uses – Root is used as a stimulant & tonic; root bark as emetic; gum as tonic, demulcent, homeostatic astringent, curing diarrhea; fruit and flower for snake bite.


Vitex peduncularis

Local name – Thingkhawilu

Uses – Bark decoction is used during typhoid fever.


Trevesia palmate

Local name – Kawhtebel

Uses – Leaf juice is taken for colic & high blood pressure.


Solanum torvum

Local name – Tawkpui

Uses – Crushed seed is applied on toothache and tooth decay.


Securinega virosa

Local name – Saisiak

Uses – Children with scabies and measles are bathed in the leaf decoction

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