Medicinal Plants in Mizoram

Scoparia dulcis

Local name – Perhpawng-chaw/ Hlothlum

Uses – Plant juice is taken to reduce kidney stone.


Garcinia paniculata

Local name – Vawmva

Uses – Seed is used to keep roundworms at bay.


Caryota urens

Local name – Tum

Uses – Fleshy toddy is taken as food during famine.


Cassia alata

Local name – Tuihlo

Uses – Leaf paste is applied on Dermatophytosis (ringworm).


Citrus sinensis

Local name – Serthlum

Uses – Leaf decoction is taken as remedy for malaria.


Costus specious

Local name – Sumbul

Uses – Raw plant is taken as a remedy for tonsillitis.


Dendrocnide sinuate

Local name – Thakpui

Uses – Root decoction boiled with crabs is therapeutic for jaundice.


Litsea cubeba

Local name – Sernam

Uses – Fruit is given during hysteria, headache & paralysis.


Lobelia nicotianaefolia

Local name – Berawchal

Uses – Plant juice is applied on boils and warts.


Macaranga denticulata

Local name – Zawngtenawh-lu

Uses – Plant decoction is taken during diabetes and also to preserve placenta.


Merremia umbellata

Local name – Vawktesentil

Uses – Leaf poultice is applied on burns and sores.


Mesua ferrea

Local name – Herhse

Uses – Flowers & leaves are used as astringent, stomach ache and against snakebite and scorpion sting.


Michelia champaca

Local name – Ngiau

Uses – Leaf infusion is taken with honey for colic. Fruit and seed paste is used for crackle feet.


Mikania micrantha

Local name – Japanhlo

Uses – The leaf juice is used during dysentery and acts as a haemostatic.


Mimosa pudica

Local name – Hlonuar

Uses – Leaves and root are used for piles & fistula.


Morinda angustifolia

Local name – Lum

Uses – Leaf poultice is applied on crackled feet.


Pratia nummularia

Local name – Choakthi

Uses – Leaf juice is used during dysentery and vomiting.




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