Medicinal Plants in Meghalaya

Zingiber rubens

Common name: Sying makhir, Iching

Part used: Rhizome

Uses: Cough and bone setting

Averrhoa carambola 

Common name: Soh pyrshong, Amilenga

Part used: Fruit

Uses: Jaundice, gallstone and malaria

Kaempfieria officinalis

Common name: Sying smoh, Wakpatra

Part used: Tubers

Uses: Indigestion, food poisoning, rheumatism and mouth ulcers

Piper longum

Common name: Sohmarit khlaw

Part used: Seeds

Uses: Cough and sore throat

Fagopyrum esculentum               

Common name: Jarain

Part used: Leaves

Uses: High blood pressure and constipation

Begonia josephi 

Common name: Jajew

Part used: Stem and leaves

Uses: Gastritis, hemorrhoids and skin rash

Centella asiatica

Common name: Khliang syiar

Part used: Whole plant

Uses: Amoebic dysentery

Gaultheria fragrantissima

Common name: La thynriat

Part used: Leaves

Uses: Rheumatoid arthritis

Aegle marmelos              

Common name: Soh bel, Selpri

Part used: Leaves and fruits

Uses: Leaf juice is used for the ailment of heart diseases and indigestion

Houttuynia cordata

Common name: Jamyrdoh, Macha duribak

Part used: Whole plant

Uses: Examining sugar levels, relief from dysentery and blood purification

Ficus Auriculata

Common name: Lapong

Parts used: Leaf

Uses: Aids the digestive system



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