Medicinal Plants in Manipur

Andrographis paniculata

Common Name – Vubati

Parts Used: Leaf

Uses: Matured leaf and seed powder is soaked in lukewarm water and the soup is taken as contraception.

Cassia fistula

Common Name – Chahui

Parts Used: Root and fruit

Uses: The root bark extract is given in the treatment of black-water fever and ringworms. The pulp is laxative, diuretic and is also given during difficulties in urination. The fruit pulp also possesses anticandidal activity.

Bauhinia purpurea

Common Name – Chingthrao (Manipuri)

Parts used: Bark, leaf and flower

Uses: The bark extract is applied on insect bites and during irregular menstruation. It is also used to reduce chest pain. Decoction of leaf is taken in biliousness and helps to slowly eliminate stones in bladder. Flowers are given during indigestion. The flower-buds are anthelmintic and laxative.

Chukrasia tabularis

Common Name – Taimareng

Parts Used: Bark and leaf

Uses: The bark is astringent and is also used as a relief back pain. The young leaf is used as an astringent.

Oroxylum indicum

Common Name – Shamba

Parts Used: Seed, root and leaf

Uses: The seed is purgative. The root bark is used to stabilize high blood pressure and help purify blood. The root is taken as an appetizer, aids liver congestion, inflammation, leucoderma, vomiting, and is anthelmintic. The leave decoction is used in muscular pains and general weakness, stomachache and rheumatism. The leaves are externally applied on enlarged spleen.

Aegle marmelos

Common Name – Harikhagok

Parts Used: Fruit

Uses: The pulp of roasted green and ripe fruit is used as a relief during chronic stomach disorders. The fruit is laxative and astringent. It is also used in postnatal Contraction of uterus. The pulp of the fruit is also used to prevent body odor.

Parkia roxburghii

Common Name – Yongchak

Parts Used: Pod, leaf and bark

Uses: The pods and seeds are used for stomach disorders. The leaves are applied to cure sores and skin infections. The lotion made from the bark is used to cure skin infections.

Smilax lanceifolia

Common Name – Kwamanbi

Parts Used: Root

Uses: The root is used during toothache and rheumatic pains.

Piper longum

Common Name – Uchithi

Parts Used: Fruit

Uses: The unripe fruits are alterative and are used as a tonic. The fruit is also used in respiratory diseases, as counter-irritant, for muscular inflammation and is analgesic. It is carminative, acts as cholagogue (a medicinal agent which promotes the discharge of bile from the system, purging it downward) in obstruction in bile duct and gall bladder, emmenagogue (herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus) as abortifacient (substance that induces abortion) and anthelmintic (agent that expel parasitic worms from the body).

Sapindus trifoliatus

Common Name – Kekru

Parts Used: Fruit

Uses: The fruit is given as tonic, expectorant, emetic, purgative and nascent. The decoction of the fruit is used for washing hair and also used as detergent for jewelleries. The crushed fruit is given to children with worm diseases like the Dracunculus medinensis


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