Choosing the right kind of foundation

By: Annalia Zhimomi (Professional make-up artist)

One of the most important thing for your skin is how you choose your beauty products and get the basics right! It all starts with the foundation, regardless of the seasons as you need to make sure your foundation is the perfect match for you. Our skin changes as the weather shifts and these phases can sometimes get quite irritating. So no matter what season it is, you can follow these steps to choose the correct foundation for yourself.

Mistakes many women make while selecting the base:
Various beauty companies have different foundations for different skins that come in fair, light, medium, etc, which are again categorised into dry, oily, combination and so on. Getting your base right is very important. Many Indian women deal with this problem and most of them want to look fairer, but then, they end up looking caked up or grey.

So how do we apply the base?
There are different ways of applying foundation for all skin types and I have classified how to apply the foundation according to your skin type to get that perfect flawless effect.

How to select the perfect base on the basis:

1. Dry flaky skin:
Don’t use powder! For a skin like this, a crème based or a liquid foundation rich in moisture needs to be used with the help of a moist sponge (beauty blender). This will keep the dry skin in place and give a smooth finish. Any other way of applying foundation for dry skin will lead to flaking.
P.S- The coverage of the foundation depends totally upon the blemishes, pigmentations and other imperfections you have on your skin

2. Normal to combination skin:

Use a crème or liquid foundation with the help of a moist sponge (beauty blender) and for best results, seal your foundation with the help of a loose or pressed powder. This will help your foundation to last all day.
P.S- For normal to combination skin (which does not need much coverage), you can use a stippling brush and a thin liquid foundation for a smooth finish.

3. Oily skin
Women with oily skin must apply foundations in circulation motion with the help of a buffing brush (if foundation is thick i.e. medium to full coverage) or a stippling brush (i.e. if it is for a less coverage). This will minimise the pores.
If you use a flat or a cat tongue brush on the skin, it will only make the pores appear bigger in no second, so please leave those b-tools aside. Lastly, seal your foundation with powder.

How do you choose a foundation according to your skin type?

For dry skin:
People with dry skin need to choose a crème or liquid based foundation which is very rich in moisture. AVOID POWDER by all means!

Normal to combination:
Use a crème or liquid foundation and then seal it with powder.

Oily skin:
Use a liquid foundation or a crème based foundation like kryolan dermacolor which is not very rich in moisture. Seal your foundation with powder for a long lasting effect.

Note: Regardless of your skin type, use a flat or a cat tongue brush if you have side locks. Apply foundation on that area according to the direction of the hair.

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