Akali Awomi: The potency of resourceful Event Planning

On a sunny afternoon, we interviewed the soft-spoken wedding planner, whose leisure pursuit with flowers and stunning decorations have had her become a wedding sensation. Akali’s house beamed like it belonged to an innovative wedding planner. There were glinting chandeliers-like decoration hung on the ceiling, intricately designed stands that were painted in whites, and a few bunches of mellow flowers spread all over the rooms. She owns the well-known event planning and rental services shop named ‘Favors’, which offers personalised note pads, flower pots, pouches for sale, and decorative items like tissue ribbons, lanterns, decorative pillars, arches, sashes, cake trays, flower girls’ baskets and chair covers. It also takes orders for bridal bouquets, headbands and corsages.

14_in-conversation-with-akali-awomispecial-feature_-2Even though Akali has no formal training in this field, she is naturally gifted and has perfected her expertise through decades of experience from organizing and planning weddings for her friends and families. She had loved flower gardening from a young age and her cousins who were into decorations helped develop her skills farther. She hopes to help couples from the trouble of going into the minute niceties of planning a wedding and her services are well calculated to meet the interests and tastes of the couples including the tents too. She seeks to make use of the creative youth under her crease, in order to provide them with employment opportunities and help them learn to become self reliant, however, there haven’t been enough man power.

14_in-conversation-with-akali-awomispecial-feature_-3Akali’s creativity has won her numerous state level awards in natural flower arrangement competitions organized by Social Welfare Department, Department of Women Development and the Hornbill festival. She gleams as she wistfully remembers the year 2007, when she emerged 2nd in the state level competition organized by the horticulture department titled ‘spot fresh flower arrangement’ during the Hornbill Festival. It was a significant change that took place in her life and this win prompted her to pursue her hobby on a wider level. She was also part of the state delegation representing Dimapur in the international flower festival held in Paris sponsored by the horticulture department and the World Trade Fair in Amsterdam. She smiles with gratitude as we go on about her achievements and tells us that it was the consistent winning at the annual flower competitions organized by the DDLC that stimulated her confidence and creative growth. Akali has many more winnings and awards up her sleeves, which clearly prove the fact that she is a talented planner, whose ability to think of new ideas and different methods have set her thus far.

She travels in and around Nagaland, planning weddings and she selects the supplies from Delhi and Bangkok. Akali also works in partnership for the bouncy rental services named, ‘Kids Kingdom’, which was started by her sister, Zenith K Awomi, who solely believes in making events and birthday parties for kids a lot more fun. “Parents usually have the need to travel the whole town, in search of party ideas and because I have kids too, I decided to start this business hand-in-hand with my sister, which has been receiving an excellent response from parents and kids’ events up until now”, says Zenith. The Awomi family has surely shown us what families can do, when they work together.

14_in-conversation-with-akali-awomispecial-feature_-5Akali is blessed with 3 children, and with all of them grown up now, she has bounteous time to focus on her dreams on a much bigger scale and she continues to remind us that it is the unwavering love and support of her husband, friends and well wishers that has furthered her in the business. “One thing I have learnt is that, the more you work, the more innovative you become. If you sit idle and expect a business to evolve then you probably won’t get anything out of it. You need to stand up and give a lot of physical effort”, said Akali in the interview. She believes everyone is talented, but they don’t realize or they sometimes tend to depreciate their full potential. She acknowledges the back-up and constructive responses from her loved ones, who had helped her to believe in herself. She has planned almost twenty to thirty weddings and has more coming up as the wedding season arrives.

Here’s wishing Akali and her family success and happiness!

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