Rewati Chetri: Not a New Name in the Glamour Industry

Five feet eight inches tall Indian model, Rewati Chetri, who marked her entry in the Top 21 finalists as the lone North East contestant won Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia titles in Femina Miss India 2015. She was crowned Miss Asia (Best in Asia Continent) at the World Miss University 2016 pageant that was held in Beijing, China and also made it to Top Super Six Finalist through online voting. Rewati has also made it into Top 50 of Times Most Desirable Women 2015 along with Top Bollywood actresses like Anushka Sharma and Kangana Ranaut.

7_rewati-chetri-not-a-new-name-in-glamour-industry_cover4_Born to Baburam Chetri and Bina on 4th July 1993, Rewati Chetri was brought up in Haflong, the lone hill station of the state in Dima Hasao District of Assam. She did her schooling from St Agnes’ Convent High School in Haflong before completing her graduation in commerce from Lumding College in neighbouring Nagaon district. Thereafter she chose to study law and is a LLB student at NEF Law College under Gauhati University in Guwahati. A quick learner Rewati participated in cultural and extracurricular activities of all the schools and colleges she attended and received appreciation from her teachers and friends alike. Belly Dancing is her passion even though she did not undergo any formal training.

Since her college days, she developed a strong desire to do modelling and therefore she was watching out for any opportunity that may come her way. And the opportunity did knock her doors in mid November 2014 when she was invited for audition and eventually selected for former Miss India and Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia’s show. That was the first time Rewati actually stepped into the glamour industry. A passionate person indeed, who in her testimony mentions that she wants to make her state Assam proud through her effort, she said, “Success to me means where I want to see myself in what I do the best and gives me happiness.” She gives her best in whatever assignment she takes up.

7_rewati-chetri-not-a-new-name-in-glamour-industry_cover4___Huge congratulations for the impressive performance at Miss World University and also for making it to the finals of Miss Earth India 2016. Well to start with, what are the sacrifices you have made for the pageant and what have you learned in the pageant? How do you see yourself twenty years from now?

I guess nothing could be more painful than living away from home and family whom you love and who matter the most. The pageant has really boosted my confidence. Twenty years down the line, I would want to be proud of my achievements. I want to be successful and be loved and respected.

In your opinion what is the essence of a woman?

True essence of a woman I believe is to enjoy her womanhood as being a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother being loved and appreciated by all. Nothing is more of an essence to a woman than being a triumphant mind of being a successful daughter, sister, wife, mother, and an entrepreneur!

What according to you is being simple? What is the relevance of a beauty pageant in a society?

To me being simple is to have a happy heart, a smiling face and have good appetite for knowledge.
Each pageant has got its own relevance. It clearly describes itself, ‘the beauty of a woman’. It simply depicts how smartly a beautiful smile wins over the hearts of people and her lips to spread socially relevant messages to the World.

Can you tell us in what ways beauty contests help women?

Beauty contest have always helped women to showcase their potentials, helped them to appreciate their beauty and uniqueness and the spark of confidence that will light them forever.

How would you describe your own personality? What do you like most about yourself? What is the most important lesson your mother has taught you?

I am sweet as people say. I am a fun loving girl and I guess my friends love to have me around them. I like the way I am and also the way I am ambitious.

I like my confidence and enthusiasm to work hard towards my commitment. My mother always used to tell us that to do the right thing at the right time, one needs patience and prayers to God for strength and that advice is always in me.

What is your role as a youth? How can you help the youth in today’s world? What would you advocate to promote the society?

A youth is the face of a nation. So I guess each one of us has to participate towards attaining one’s own goal, influence each other to choose the best amidst all odds and enjoy our freedom to a beautiful and successful life. I cannot assure of how helpful I can be to the youth, but yes I can be an example of optimism to the youths who dream big and are pursuing to be successful. We can succeed if we stay focused and pursue with confidence.

I wish to promote the upliftment of underprivileged children so that they lead a normal childhood through Green peace campaign.

If there is one thing you can do to change the world, what will it be?

I just want to see each one of us being kind, appreciate every individual’s uniqueness, identify the positive traits in a person and be ready to extend a helping hand all the time. In this way we could transform the world into a better place to live in.

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