Adieu Isak

By:- P. Ganguly

On August 3 last year Chairman of National Socialist Council of Nagaland (IM) Isak Chishi Swu signed the famous by now a Framework Agreement with GoI at New Delhi. His ill health then was a major concern. Fortis Hospital at the national capital found him dead at 1240 pm on June 28. Indo Naga peace talk began in 1997.The Naga political problem based on Ura Uvie (our home land is ours). The formation of a sovereign Nagalim country – the area falling between rivers Chindwin (Myanmar) and Brahmaputra was the target.

Isak passed BA Pol Sc and intended to study Theology in US but by then Indian Army had entered Naga Hills district of Assam and the inevitable trail had followed. Amidst the suffering and sacrifice of his people he joined the “underground” instead under Naga Nationalst Council of which every Naga is a member by birth. Since then he served the Naga cause come rain or sunshine. Midstream Eustar his wife joined him. She was fully committed to it. Every successful man has got a woman behind him. They together prayed and fought their extended battle. There is a cluster of 10 Sumi villages below Tseminyu – the Rengma village known to belong Jwane, wife of the Father of Naga nation AZ Phizo. Isak was from Chisilimi (had American Mission school) and Eustar studied at nearby Lazami govt school.

I personally once had a glimpse of him at KL Chishi’s Kohima residence, they were related – the freedom fighter and the politician from a Sumi royal family (Atoizu). Isak’s one son Adam was brought up there. His father lived in our neighbourhood at Kohima and one younger brother Sikhato joined Isak. However Mrs Eustar was close to me during the last tenure of CM Hokishe Sema, the Gentle Colossus in Naga politics when Rajiv Gandhi was the PM.

The hearse carried him from New Delhi (by a chartered flight) to Dimapur Hebron camp and then via Kohima capital to his native Chishilimi. Everywhere it was seen off with warm regards by commoners and VIPs as well. My honest opinion about the departed leader is that Isak was a true Naga who cared a hoot for team jersey and backed the Naga interest wholeheartedly. RIP

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