Nagaland Adventure Club (NAC): To Open Door to All Adventure Sports Enthusiast

Adorned by the magical beauty of rolling hills and mountains, lush vegetations and colourful cultures, Nagaland is one of the most scenic hill stations in the North-East. Full of rich cultural heritage, this lovely place often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of East’ forms a hot spot, especially for nature tourism. With scenic landscapes, lush greenery and lovely views of sun set and sun rise to enjoy, Nagaland is that place from where tourists can carry back home memorable experiences.

Also known as the ‘Festival of Festivals’, an unrest culture, music, folk dance and delicious cuisines is celebrated throughout the year with full of vigour and passion by all the Naga tribes. Right from the head gear to the fantastic sense of wardrobe, from the excellent handloom to the remarkable taste in food, from the vibrant festivals to choice of trophies in the form of animals’ skull, Nagaland has always stood apart from all other states in India. A colourful land of flawless culture and extraordinary traditions, this lesser known state is certainly an enticing destination to explore.

Nagaland is an adventurous destination. It offers remarkable and challenging routes for adventure enthusiasts. The experience at Nagaland is full of adventure and joy as the topography of the state mainly consists of lush green hills and mountains. The unique yet diverse cultural traditions, amazing spread of nature makes it a great destination for travellers who are looking for adventure, cultural delight, and natural beauty. Tasseled with scenic hills and mountains, Nagaland serves the people in the field of adventure sports such as wonderful and engrossing mountain biking, rafting, hiking, hand gliding, parasailing, motor sports and other similar exciting sports that are yet to gain popularity.

nacWitnessing the degradation on adventure sports in the state with many opportunities getting wasted where various talent disappear without any significance, a small number of likeminded and determined youths came together and initiated the Nagaland Adventure Club (NAC) on 10th April 2010 with an intention of promoting adventure sports lover from the grass root level. However the major challenges for promotion adventure sports in the region are lack of infrastructure. Nevertheless popularity of sports adventure is gradually increasing and gaining wide attention from many angles.

Considering the great passion for cars and bikes and motor sports with inspired feeling of adventure in Naga youth, it motivated the club members to brainstorm and introduce a ‘Motocross and 4×4 Off-Road Competition’ which gave birth to a new era of motorsports in the state and thus ‘Horsepower Challenge’ came into existence.

In the year 2010, NAC hosted the 1st Horsepower Challenge at Chaca, Kohima with two events which were 4×4 Off-Road and Motocross in which competitors from Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland participated. Moreover former Raid-de-Himalaya champion Mr. Along Aier represented the state in 2010 Raid-de-Himalaya under Team Nagaland Club.

During the Hornbill Rally, the club was adjudged as the Best Institution and championed in both cars and bikes section of the TSD as well as won several positions in Autocross in both car and bike categories. The members also had the honour of winning both the awards for the best decorated car and the best decorated bike. The State Tourism was also promoted by the club through hosting twenty two Tourist Bikers and nine non bikers at a private farm at Ziechazou, Kohima during the Hornbill festival 2010. Riders from Mumbai, Delhi, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Sikkim Meghalaya and Assam participated to witness the festival as well as to explore our gorgeous terrain.

In 2011, the 2nd Horsepower Challenge was held at Khuochiezie (Local Ground) Kohima where Autocross with different categories and LIVE Photography competition was organized by the club. The Autocross competition recorded the highest number of participation in the history of North-East India with 65 participants. The same year Mr. Bijo Awomi, an NAC member led the State for the Indo-Bhutan Rally. The NAC member also won various championships in different categories and also the overall championship in the 1st JK tyre Autocross at Dimapur that was organized by Dimapur motor sports club in the year 2011. The club organized an ‘Open River-bed rally’ that same year at Gopanala Dimapur where nine SUVs participated in the fun-filled adventure.

In the year 2012, six NAC members took part in the Mahindra Great Escape at Dimapur that was organized for the first time in Nagaland by Mahindra & Mahindra India. NAC also secured an overall championship in all categories of Torque Power Challenge that was organized by Extreme Games Association of Assam (EGAA) where the participants presented extraordinary performances.NAC also participated in the 1st Autocross Rally that was organized by Street Squad of Meghalaya by securing the championship title in both above and below 1000cc class.NAC organized the 3rd Horsepower Challenge at New High Court Complex Kohima where seventy cars participated in the Autocross and twenty motorcycles participated in the motorcross.


In 2nd Torque Power Challenge 2013 that was organized by EGAA, the NAC member participated and won the championship in Drag Racing and Autocross. NAC also organized the first edition of road under the banner called ‘Expedition Naga Hills’ This particular trip is to explore the scenic beauty of Nagaland and promote tourism with an aspiration that through this event friendship among the Nagas get strengthened. All together two motor cycles and twenty one off-road vehicles took part. The team NAC also took part at the 1st Summer Sprint Challenge that was organized by Route 29 and won positions. When the 1st Sutnga Autocross at Meghalaya was organized by EJAMSA, four members of NAC participated and one of them won in autocross car category. When the team organised the 4th Horsepower Challenge at Nagaland Football Association ground located at Meriema Village with Auotocross and Motocross category, there were participants from Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

In the year 2014, team NAC took part in the 1st Arunachal Festival of Speed at Dirang, Arunachal and bagged the overall championship in SUV, Diesel and above 1600cc category. They also participated in the 3rd Torque Power Challenge that was organised by EGAA at Sonapur Guwahati and won the championship in open Sprint category. That year Inspiring Change was the theme of International Women’s Day and the club took part in the car and two wheeler category rally. Though it was a tough decision to ride through Dzukou valley and as many resident thought it to be a mission impossible, yet it was made possible owing to the unique endurance of few members who could make to the top with the dismantled bike as well as the bicycles, after which there was no stopping. This was done just to keep up with the passion that the Nagaland Adventure Club enthuses in its members and in fact fulfilled a much awaited dream. Then after, the team members organize an event named Drag Race, Kohima, the first of its kind motor sports in the neighbouring states as well as in Nagaland. There wer seventy participants in car and bike category. The 5th Horsepower Challenge was then organised at Nagaland Football Association ground at Meriema village with Autocross, Motocross and 4×4 catagories.There were participants from Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya, Delhi, and Bengaluru. The team took part at the 2nd Summer Sprint & Challenge and won that was organised by ROUTE 29. When the AON organised the 1st Off Road Maestro at Dimapur, the team participated and won and also won the AutoX race that was held Mokokchung by Adventure & Motorsports Association of Mokokchung(AMAM). The NAC organised the 1st Great Hornbill Adventure Trail (GHAT) during the Hornbill festival where competitive motor adventure trail into various districts of the state so as to explore and promote the rich culture of the state.

nac3When the 2nd Arunachal Festival of Speed 2015 was organised by Motorsports Club of Arunachal (MSCA) at Dirang, Arunachal, the team NAC took part and emerged as winner in different categories. They too participated in the 2nd Off Road Maestro that was held at Dimapur by AON and also won in the 1st Lynwiar Autocross in Jowai, Meghalaya. In the 2nd Throttle Thrust that was organised by Spear Head motorsports initiatives was held at Imkongmeren Sports Complex Mokokchung and the team emerged as winner in all categories. The team also won the 3rd Summer Sprint Challenge that was held at Agri Expo, Dimapur. The 6th Horsepower Challenge was organised and held at Nagaland Football Association ground at Mreiema village with Autocross, Motocross and 4×4 categories and participants from Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya, Bhopal, Mizoram, Arunachal, Delhi and Bengaluru took part .The NAC took part in the 11th MIMSA Racing championship that was held at Tuirial Airfield, Aizwal , Mizoram; 1st BILGARO that was organised by the Tura motor sports club Meghalaya; 3rd Auto X organised by AMAM, Mokokchung Nagaland; 1st JK tyre Orange 4×4 fury at Dambuk organised by Motorsports Club of Arunachal (MSCA), Arunachal Pradesh and1st Raging Rhino Rally (INTSDRC 9th round) that was organised by Northeast Motorsports Association (NEMA) at Guwahati, Assam.

The NAC took part in the 1st Garden Dirt Challenge (motorcross) 2016, that was held at Golaghat, Assam, won the title in for both cars and SUV category in the 1st Maximum Attack challenge at Thangsning (SMIT), Shillong, Meghalaya that was organised by Motor Sports Association of Meghalaya (MSAM) and emerged as winner in SUV NE category and held 3rd in Quad Category.

NAC Open Supercross 2016

Supported by Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), the national level two wheeler competition was organised by Nagaland Adventure Club (NAC) that was held at Kohima local ground on 2nd & 3rd of June .It was the first ever supercross event that was organised in Nagaland under the banner of the premier motor sports governing body of the country.

14_nagaland-adventure-clubsports__The competition featured four categories for engines upto the 500cc class –Expert, Novice, Open and a special category for competitors from Nagaland. Altogether 84 bikers from Bengaluru, Delhi, Hydrabad, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland participated in the event. The competition witnessed 33 participants under novice category, 21 under open category, 11 under expert category and 10 under local category. The first qualifying was held on 2nd and the final round was on 3rd June.

Impressed by the standard of the conduct during the event, senior Steward FMSCI Sashi Paul Singh Garcha said that he would recommend conducting national level FMSCI motor sports in the near future. He further said that motor sports has a lot of potentials in the state of Nagaland as the youth here have passion, which will go a long way to attain prominence in the field of motor sports. Garcha further assured that FMSCI would extend technical support to NAC if they get site for construction of permanent track to promote motor sports in the state and all possible support to carry forward its activities in the state and beyond.

Suhail Ahmed from Bengaluru emerged as the winner and won the trophies on Expert category and Open category while Paominthang R. Vaiphei from Meghalaya won the second prize on both the categories. Naylin Chowhin from bagged third prize on Expert category while Niangti from Meghalaya from Open category.

In the novice category, Monjur Ali from Assam emerged as winner and Abhijit Pegoo from Assam bagged second while Abdul from Assam won the third prize. In local category, Amou Suohu bagged the first prize while Mesavilie emerged as second and Akhotuo Chuzho third. Ents in the st
NAC has proposed to organize the 7th edition of Horsepower Challenge in the month of October. The team is also ever ready to support and promote any kind of sporting events in the state.

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